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Error Reporting


Enabling Error Reporting

NetBox supports native integration with Sentry for automatic error reporting. To enable this functionality, set SENTRY_ENABLED to True and define your unique data source name (DSN) in


Setting SENTRY_ENABLED to False will disable the Sentry integration.

Assigning Tags

You can optionally attach one or more arbitrary tags to the outgoing error reports if desired by setting the SENTRY_TAGS parameter:

    "": "123",
    "": "abc",

Reserved tag prefixes

Avoid using any tag names which begin with netbox., as this prefix is reserved by the NetBox application.


Once the configuration has been saved, restart the NetBox service.

To test Sentry operation, try generating a 404 (page not found) error by navigating to an invalid URL, such as https://netbox/404-error-testing. (Be sure that debug mode has been disabled.) After receiving a 404 response from the NetBox server, you should see the issue appear shortly in Sentry.