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For small teams starting their network automation journey.

From $5,500 / Year
  • Includes 100K requests / month and 20K devices & IPs
  • US or EU deployment region
  • Email support
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For production use cases, including IPAM and DCIM, with growing network automation needs.

From $20,000 / Year
  • Includes 400K requests / month and 80K devices & IPs
  • Staging environments
  • Advanced 24/7 support for high priority issues


For larger teams with advanced security and compliance requirements and teams with scaled network automation platforms.
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  • >1.5M requests / month and >300K devices & IPs
  • Custom, multi-region deployments
  • Enterprise support response time SLAs

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NetBox Cloud FAQ

Is NetBox Cloud as reliable and secure as doing this myself, on-premises?

It’s even more reliable and secure! You get access to the newest version of NetBox each release cycle. Upgrading is as easy as a push of a button when you’re ready. Our team ensures NetBox is deployed and configured per best practices, and we are watching to make sure that your NetBox Cloud instance is performing at its best. We’ll work through the night so you can get your beauty rest.

Is NetBox Cloud free to use?

NetBox is an Open Source product and free to use On-Premises through the NetBox Open Source Community. You can learn more about NetBox here.

NetBox Cloud is a managed solution where NetBox is hosted by NetBox Labs on your behalf. This can substantially reduce the time, energy, money, and resources needed to scale and maintain your NetBox instances. NetBox Cloud is not available for free… but we do have a really nifty free trial! Get in touch!

Do you have a trial for NetBox Cloud?

We sure do! Come give NetBox Cloud a try and see how easy it can be to add a Network Source of Truth to you Network Automation efforts.

How does NetBox Cloud pricing compare to other Network Source of Truth offerings?

NetBox Cloud is competitively priced and is a lot less expensive than doing it yourself.

What is a request?

A request is any call to your NetBox Cloud instance, whether via API or user interface.

What customization is available for NetBox Cloud?

IP allow lists and custom domains are included in all plans. Advanced SSO and AWS PrivateLink are available as paid addons in Professional and Enterprise subscriptions, and custom regions and cross region failover are available as paid add ons in Enterprise subscriptions.

What advanced SSO capabilities does NetBox Cloud offer?

Custom groups and SAML

What advanced support does NetBox Labs offer?

<6 hour response time for high priority issues.

Do you have a referral program?

Do you have friends who would just love to have NetBox Cloud? Send them our way and reap the rewards! Give us a shout to learn more about referring others to NetBox Cloud.

Do you have discounts for qualified startups and nonprofits?

We’re really passionate about helping anyone who needs NetBox get started on their Network Automation journey. If you are a small startup or a nonprofit, we’d love to talk to you about what you need!

Can I cancel my account?

Our annual billing plans are paid for upfront and require a commitment for a full year of NetBox Cloud (who wouldn’t want that!).Please contact us if you are unhappy with your service.