NetBox Cloud: Secure, Reliable, Effortless

All the power and flexibility of NetBox, rock solid and secure. Focus on building and evolving your network.

What is NetBox Cloud?

Network Source of Truth

Document and automate the intended state of your network & IT infrastructure

Cloud Your Way

Rely on a fully-hosted SaaS edition of NetBox – secure, easy to use, and ready for scale.  Customize your desired cloud isolation, redundancy and performance targets.

Enterprise Grade

Deployed in single tenant footprints for rock-solid reliability, scale, security, and compliance.

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The Benefits of Managed NetBox, Supercharged in the Cloud

Zero administrative overhead

Built and managed by NetBox experts. Our team has decades of experience of managing critical infrastructure, so you can leave the compute, database, storage, network and security to us.

Automated Backups. Data is backed up regularly (and on-demand) and stored in a separate, in-region cloud provider. Restore with a button click.

Effortless Upgrades. Never miss out on the latest and greatest NetBox features with effortless, one-click upgrades.

Increased operational efficiency

Increased Productivity. 
NetBox Cloud customers eliminate hundreds of hours of administrative effort annually, enabling engineers to stay focused on more strategic initiatives.
Cost Savings. Save on hardware, software, and operational expenses. Allocate your budget where it matters most.

Enterprise-grade features

Secure and Robust Platform. NetBox Cloud is securely hosted in the cloud as a single tenant application. You choose the desired cloud isolation level, redundancy and performance options.

Our SOC 2 Report demonstrates that we are meeting the security commitments we have made to our customers. If you would like to find out more, see our Security and Compliance page

Highly Available and Geographically Redundant. Network downtime means lost revenue. You can’t afford for your source of truth to be down. With NetBox Cloud, we promise it won’t be – backed by a rock solid redundancy architecture.

Plugin Assurance. Using NetBox plugins? With NetBox Cloud we manage plugins for you so you don’t have to worry about plugin compatibility with NetBox versions.

Massive Product Velocity: NetBox’s massive open source community and the world class NetBox Labs engineering team constantly deliver powerful new capabilities to accelerate your operations and automation.

Complex network management made easier

Find out why dozens of network engineering teams rely on NextBox Cloud as their ultimate network source of truth.