NetBox Labs is Community First

NetBox Labs is founded on Open Source software and principles. We believe that open ecosystems and thriving communities foster industry innovation and solution interoperability.

We invite you to join our development process and contribute to the growth of these Open Source projects in a way that works for you. This may be as simple as participating in GitHub discussions, joining our Slack, join the NetBox Community mailing list, or following us on Twitter.

NetBox is the leading solution for modeling and documenting modern networks. By combining the traditional disciplines of IP address management (IPAM) and datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) with powerful APIs and extensions, NetBox provides the ideal “source of truth” to power network automation. Available as open source software under the Apache 2.0 license, NetBox is employed by thousands of organizations around the world.

Orb is a modern network observability platform built to provide critical visibility into increasingly complex and distributed networks. It can analyze network traffic (packets, flow, dnstap), run synthetic network probes, and connect the resulting telemetry directly to your existing observability stacks with OpenTelemetry.

Orb differentiates from other solutions by pushing analysis close to the traffic sources (reducing inactionable metrics and processing costs), and allows for dynamic reconfiguration of remote agents in real time.

Orb is free, Open-source software released under Mozilla Public License (MPL).

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