NetBox Labs Newsletter – September 2023

Today I’m happy to introduce our new newsletter in which you can find all the latest news from NetBox Labs including NetBox Cloud, and the NetBox open source community.

It’s been a busy summer at NetBox Labs! We’ve added exciting new NetBox Cloud features, a ton of new functionality in open source (also available in NetBox Cloud), launched the NetDevOps Days conference series, hosted our first customer webinar with our friends at Dartmouth College, and much more.

I’ve never been more excited about the market and NetBox Cloud’s place in it. At NetDevOps Days London I saw first hand how important NetBox is to successful network automation initiatives, and how companies are embracing network automation in 2023 like never before. I’m looking forward to seeing much more of the same at NetDevOps Days NYC on October 26.

If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet you there.

– Mark, CPO at NetBox Labs

Unveiling the NetBox Labs Console

While many NetBox Cloud customers have been logging straight into their NetBox instance and letting us take care of the rest, some of you have had access to the NetBox Labs Console which allows customers to manage their instances themselves; including self-service upgrades, creating and downloading backups, editing IP Allow Lists and more.

We are now making the NetBox Labs Console available to all NetBox Cloud customers. If you would like access please create a support ticket on and we’ll get you set up. If you’d like a personal product tour, mention that in the support ticket and we’ll make it happen.

New NetBox Cloud Features

In this last month we’ve introduced some great new features to help you manage your own NetBox Cloud instances:

Self-Service IP Allow Lists

While some NetBox Cloud customers are happy to let their NetBox Cloud instance sit on the internet, many are not. Our IP Allow List feature allows you to set a list of IP addresses and subnets from which your NetBox Cloud instance can be accessed.

IP Allow Lists is a free feature available to all product tiers. Previously to edit IP Allow Lists you’d need to create a support ticket. That’s still an option, but if you’d prefer to do it yourself, now you can!

More info + video

🔙 View, Create and Download Backups On-Demand

A big reason for choosing NetBox Cloud is peace of mind, and knowing that your instance is always backed up is one way we provide that to you. All NetBox Cloud instances are backed up hourly and backups are retained for 180 days.

Until now if you wanted to create or download backups for DR or on-prem testing purposes you had to create a support ticket. Now you can do it yourself, as often as you please.

More info + video

🔃 Self-Service Upgrades

Upgrades are one of those things that we make as easy as possible in open source but many users still fear it, and therefore put it off for too long. In NetBox Cloud we’ve given you an easy button for upgrades, which combined with the new backup functionality means you’ll never procrastinate on another upgrade again.

Prefer that we continue to run the upgrades for you, no problem. Just drop us a support ticket, but if you’d like to do it yourself simply choose the version of NetBox you’d like to upgrade to and we’ll take care of the rest. 

 More info + video

🔐 2FA in NetBox Labs Console

Security is a big part of the value that NetBox Cloud provides and while we offer SSO connectivity to NetBox Cloud, some customers would like to add an extra layer of security when accessing the NetBox Labs Console, the management interface for NetBox Cloud.

More info + video

🆕 Latest NetBox versions now available

We’ve recently spent a bunch of time streamlining our ingestion process for new versions of NetBox so that you’ll always have a way to get the latest and greatest features in NetBox Cloud. We now have all versions up to and including 3.6.0 available for self service upgrades which include: 

  • Relocated Admin UI Views
  • Configurable Default Permissions 
  • User Bookmarks
  • Custom Field Choice Sets
  • Pre-Defined Location Choices for Custom Fields

Follow these links for the full release notes: 3.5.8, 3.5.9 & 3.6.0. (3.6.1 coming soon)

Upcoming NetBox Cloud Features

⬅️ Restore your instance to a previous backup

NetBox Cloud customers with multiple instances often have a production instance which remains relatively stable and a staging or development instance that changes more often. For example you may wish to upgrade your staging instance to the latest version of NetBox and do a little testing before upgrading your production instance, or test your automation against staging until you’re happy with it. Until now that was possible via a support ticket, but by October 2023 you’ll be able to do it yourself.

Wanna chat about how that feature should look, or interested in adding a staging instance to your NetBox Cloud organization? Drop us a line on

Our Marketing Team + You = BFFs

Would you like to show off what you’ve achieved with NetBox Cloud to our massive community like Dartmouth College did?  Or maybe you are interested in speaking at an event to raise your profile internally and externally? Email to chat further.

 If you aren’t following us on LinkedIn or Twitter, you should fix that!

Events At A Glance

September NetBox Community Meetup (September 19, 2023, Virtual)  Hear updates from Cisco, IP Fabric, and learn about the new data center floor plan plugin. Register now

NetBox Zero to Hero Training (September 26, 2023) – Join this half-day, virtual, NetBox Fundamentals training to gain an understanding of the NetBox model and framework, and get hands on with the tool. Tickets available here.

ONUG Fall (October 24-25, 2023) We will be there. Are you attending? Stop by and say “hey” or check us out at 1pm on October 24 in the Automation Theatre. Get 20% off reg with our code here.

NetDevOps Days New York (October 26, 2023) is the network automation event for 2023. If you are in the area and you’re not attending, you have to ask yourself why. Grab your tickets now at

Community Corner

📆 September meetup details | 👩‍💻 Nominate a NetBox demo | 💡 NetBox Plugin Ideas Board  | 💰 Open NetBox Plugin Bounty 💬 Join NetDev Slack Channel  | 🎙️ Listen to NetBox Heroes

NetBox v3.6.0 is now available! Our second minor release of 2023, it brings some substantial changes to the user interface as well as several new features. NetBox v3.6.1 is now available on GitHub!

Overheard in NetDev (Join this Slack channel today)

GraphQL users: Your input is requested on a proposed migration from graphene-django to Strawberry in NetBox v4.0. Share feedback here.

NetBox Export Templates: A Guide to Generating Powerful Export Templates. Get it here.

What network monitoring tools is the community using. Find out here.

Network Automation Resources

NetBox + Nornir blog post Learn about Nornir’s capabilities and how to use NetBox and Nornir to power network automation.

NetDevOps: 10 Tools to Optimize Your Pipeline There’s a wide variety of software dedicated to different NetDevOps practices. These ones stand out.

Refer a Friend to NetBox Cloud

Everyone is invited to try out NetBox Cloud – our managed, enterprise-grade version of NetBox – free for 14 days. 

Upload your own data or choose from pre-loaded guides for DCIM, IPAM, and network automation. 

Benefits include:

    • Increased network reliability with expert support
    • Access to enterprise security features
    • Less time spent on upgrades and other NetBox admin

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