NetDevOps Days - New York

Attend a one-day, vendor-neutral network automation event in Chelsea.

Where network professionals learn and share from each other openly and authentically engage around the full spectrum of technologies, best practices, and challenges in the network automation ecosystem without the bias of commercially minded events.


Canoe Studios

601 W 26th Street

New York City

9:00am – 5:00pm


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Event Highlights

Lessons from top Network Automation experts

Learn about the latest network automation technologies and trends.

Network with peers

NetDevOps Days fosters genuine conversation among practitioners. Hoodies, not suits!

Enjoy a community-first atmosphere

All voices are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding network automation.


The CFP has closed! More details on our exciting agenda will be available soon.

Test it first! Taking a DevOps approach to network labs

Speakers: Pete Crocker, Director of Product and Solution Architecture at IPFabric and Jerrod Gerth, Data Center Segment Leader, Global Webscale at Nokia

This joint talk from IPFabric and Nokia will cover the “why” and “how” of building software-based network labs suitable for learning, testing, and validating changes. It will include discussion of:

  • Theory: Why are network labs needed? A discussion of network simulation options and the use cases it can solve
  • Real world: How to use Containerlab for network labs
Introducing the layer 8+ components of establishing comprehensive network automation in brownfield environments

Speaker: Felix Windt, Chief Technology Officer, Dartmouth College

This talk covers human and organizational components of establishing comprehensive network automation in brownfield environments. How do you establish an effective and successful team? How do you teach network engineers to program, and integrate existing programmers and network engineers? How do you convince leadership that this is a project worth investing resources into, and how do you appeal to established network engineers that just don’t see the point of automation?If you’ve been trying to introduce network automation into your business and having a hard time.

This is the talk for you!

Applying Platform Engineering Principles to On-Premises Network Infrastructure

Speakers: Kaon Thana, Staff Network Engineer at The New York Times and Chris Wade, Co-Founder & CTO at Itential

This talk will cover applying Platform Engineering Principles to Network Engineering and Automation.Koan will share real-world experience overcoming the challenges of applying Platform Eng principles to an on-prem network environment and Chris will overlay his experience rallying a community of customers and partners to provide a product management mindset delivered with IaC principles to support Platform Engineering strategies.

Attendees can expect to leave with insights into where to start, pitfalls to avoid and a broad overview of how to apply these principles to their day to day operations.

A DevOps retrospective: What we can learn from a decade of DevOps to make sure we all win with NetDevOps

Speaker: Mark Coleman, Chief Product Officer, NetBox Labs

By all accounts the DevOps movement has been a roaring success, but when you look a little closer it’s clear that it didn’t work for everyone. In this talk I’ll go over my decade plus DevOps journey, what I think we got right, what I think we got wrong, and how we can do even better with NetDevOps.

Building a community with Open Source Software - Best practices on developing and maintaining network automation content

Speaker: Carl Buchmann, Senior Solutions Architect at Arista Networks

This will be an updated version of the talk I did at AnsibleFest and RedHat Summit with less of an Ansible focus. Arista Validated Designs (AVD) is now being offered as both an Ansible collection (arista.avd) and a python library (pyavd) that can be used with pure python frameworks such as Nornir. This talk focuses on building quality code and techniques that promote the participation of the NetDevOps community.

An evolving story of using a Network Source of Truth

Speaker: Nathanael Jean-Francois, Snr Director Edge Architecture, NS1

A source of truth or network source of truth is very familiar to many in this audience. Some of you already solved that problem at the beginning of your tech stack’s evolution. Some may have solved it with a single source of truth. Some may have “solved it” with multiple sources. Regardless of how you solved it, you may now be in a position where new demands are forcing you to look at it again.

In this session, I will share our experience. I’ll briefly touch on our legacy solution, where we are now and where we’re going.

Our phased approach to network automation

Speaker: Karl Fosburg, Senior Director, Network Management Systems, Hughes Network System

Hughes Network Systems is a global managed service provider deploying networks and technologies for a wide range of customers across many industries. We are early in our journey to the level of automation that we are striving to obtain. We employ multiple point solution automations for our service businesses and are now seeking to build out one layer higher and include an overall automation strategy that will directly tie how we manage and monitor our services from the top level. Using Nautobot, we are taking a phased approach to our journey – starting with deep discovery of our current deployed infrastructure, building the business relationships to that data, and measuring data quality to define a repeatable process to ensure all future systems align with the data model.

Using Sources of Network Truth To Enrich and Understand Network Telemetry

Speaker: Justin Ryburn, Field CTO at Kentik

The world of networking is dynamically changing and moving, and the truth is that networks have grown past the point of being able to memorize IP addresses. To answer real business questions and understand context, the ability to join IP and port information with real meaning is hugely impactful for any organization. The problem is that this distributed data lives in systems of record like Netbox, ipam, and even K8s and other orchestration systems. So, how exactly can you wrangle all the insight necessary to make effective business decisions?

In this talk Justin will walk through how organizations can extract valuable types of network telemetry data, how joins can be done for actionable results, and how to ask better questions of your networks to get greater results.

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