NetDevOps Days

New York

Attend a one-day, vendor-neutral network automation event in Chelsea.

Where network professionals learn and share from each other openly and authentically engage around the full spectrum of technologies, best practices, and challenges in the network automation ecosystem without the bias of commercially minded events.


Canoe Studios

601 W 26th Street

New York City

9:00am – 5:00pm


$99 – Early bird – SOLD OUT

$199 – General Admission

Event Highlights

Lessons from top Network Automation experts

Learn about the latest network automation technologies and trends.

Network with peers

NetDevOps Days fosters genuine conversation among practitioners. Hoodies, not suits!

Enjoy a community-first atmosphere

All voices are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding network automation.


The CFP has closed! More details on our exciting agenda will be available soon.

Speakers: Pete Crocker, Director of Product and Solution Architecture at IPFabric and Jerrod Gerth, Data Center Segment Leader, Global Webscale at Nokia

This joint talk from IPFabric and Nokia will cover the “why” and “how” of building software-based network labs suitable for learning, testing, and validating changes. It will include discussion of:

  • Theory: Why are network labs needed? A discussion of network simulation options and the use cases it can solve
  • Real world: How to use Containerlab for network labs

Speaker: Felix Windt, Chief Technology Officer, Dartmouth College

This talk covers human and organizational components of establishing comprehensive network automation in brownfield environments. How do you establish an effective and successful team? How do you teach network engineers to program, and integrate existing programmers and network engineers? How do you convince leadership that this is a project worth investing resources into, and how do you appeal to established network engineers that just don’t see the point of automation?If you’ve been trying to introduce network automation into your business and having a hard time.

This is the talk for you!

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General Admission

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NetDevOps Days 2023