NetBox Heroes Podcast

A new monthly podcast series hosted from NetBox Labs that shines the light on individuals in the NetBox and NetDev community. In these conversations, guests share their story in their own words, including their professional paths, their NetBox use cases, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

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Episode 4:  Michael Kutka, formerly of Insight Global

In this episode, Michael Kutka shares how taking initiative early on impacted his career, information on Insight Global’s network automation journey, and how the company leverages NetBox as a network source of truth.

Episode 3:  Ian Chilton – LONAP

Ian Chilton discusses how he found his way into network engineering, advice he has for those getting started, how LONAP – a not-for-profit providing internet in the UK – uses NetBox, and why he struggles with calling himself a network engineer.

Episode 2:  Kaon Thana, The New York Times

In this episode, Kaon Thana has great advice for aspiring networking professionals and has recently put out some awesome contributions to the NetBox open source community. In this episode, Kaon shares his journey to becoming a network engineer, what his current work looks like, and how he came to use and contribute to NetBox.

Episode 1: Kenneth Garcia

Host Kris Beevers speaks to Kenneth Garcia, a senior network engineer at a notable Singapore government agency, regarding his career in networking, his use of NetBox, and Kenneth’s recent development of a Network Config Tracker.