NetBox Customization and Integration

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NetBox Cloud offers robust mechanisms for customizing and extending built-in NetBox functionality to suit your specific needs, such as:

  • Custom fields
    Extend native data models with your own custom attributes
  • Custom validation

    Enforce your own rules around the creation and modification of NetBox objects

  • Export templates

    Leverage Jinja2 templating to export NetBox data in any format

  • Custom scripts

    Add your own Python scripts to automate common tasks

  • Reports

    Custom reports can be used to audit your data or report metrics

  • Custom links

    Easily cross-reference NetBox objects with records in other tools

  • Plugins

    Extend NetBox by adding your own object types, views, and API endpoints

Overlays and Virtualization and Services, oh my!

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NetBox Cloud is also an ideal location to record regions of the network that can be typically overlooked and under-documented.

  • Overlays

    Create a record for your L2VPNs, their type, and their termination point.

  • Virtualization

    Keep track of your VM deployment, regardless of on-prem or the cloud

  • Services

    Make a link between any device, physical or virtual, and the services it offers

The Power of NetBox Data Correlation

With NetBox Cloud as the source of truth for your network, your previously disjointed data gets linked in ways that were near impossible in the past. Answers to complex questions become as simple as point and click.

Examples Include:

  • What VLANs and subnets are assigned to this site and what are they used for?
  • How are my supernets divided up and where do I have free space?
  • At what site, room, rack, and poistion is this router mounted?
  • Who do I call about this application running on this VM?
  • What circuits exist at this site, what devices do they connect to, what IPs do they feed, and who do I call when there is an issue?

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