Planned, automated, documented IP Address Management (IPAM)

Create the intended state of IP address distribution across your infrastructure with NetBox Cloud

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Enjoy modern IPAM at scale without the overheard of managing and maintaining NetBox.

Automate against an intended state​

Automate IP address allocations against the intended state of your network

Document everything

Know the current status of every Prefix, IP Address, ASN, VLAN, VRF and Service at a glance

Ensure reliability​

Eliminate downtime associated with manual errors

Learn how Dartmouth College uses NetBox Cloud as its network source of truth

Dartmouth College’s networking team shares how they use NetBox Cloud at scale across their network.

  • The 80% reduction in tickets Dartmouth saw piloting NetBox
  • Best practices in scaling NetBox
  • NetBox Cloud’s role in Dartmouth’s IT vision (spoiler: more scale, less errors, and happier staff)

Benefits of NetBox Cloud for IPAM

Eliminate manual errors

Automate IP address allocations against the intended state of your network.​

Create more value​

Reduce help desk tickets and administrative duties of NetBox

Retain flexibility

Don’t get locked into proprietary tooling – NetBox’s well documented APIs allow seamless integration with many automation platforms.

What can NetBox Cloud document?

NetBox Cloud tracks and manages a wide variety of IPAM components, including:

  • Regional internet registries (RIRs)

  • Prefixes

  • Prefix/VLAN roles

  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

  • Network Address Translations (NATs)

  • Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)

  • Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) objects

  • Route Targets

  • First-hop redundancy protocol (FHRP) groups and assignments

  • Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs)

Make network automation easier