Network Source of Truth for Higher Education

Build and manage complex networks easier with NetBox Cloud or NetBox Enterprise

Dartmouth College aerial campus photo
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Dartmouth College’s networking team shares how they use NetBox Cloud at scale across their network.

Learn about:
  • The 80% reduction in tickets Dartmouth saw piloting NetBox
  • Best practices in scaling NetBox
  • NetBox Cloud’s role in Dartmouth’s IT vision (spoiler: more scale, less errors, and happier staff)

A network source of truth like NetBox helps you:

Ensure Reliability

Eliminate the risk associated with manual errors in IP address and data center asset assignments across campus

Create Value

Spend time using NetBox to create value for network users instead of managing it.

Maintain Flexibilty

Avoid proprietary plug-ins and architecture lock-in – use whatever automation platform you choose.

Educational institutions like these rely on NetBox Labs:

Modernizing IPAM + DCIM

NetBox combines the capabilities of IPAM and DCIM to create a network source of truth. It eliminates messy spreadsheets and serves as the foundation for network automation. The result? The IP address of the laptop in a residence hall – or a router in the chem lab – is set up exactly to your specifications, every time.

What is NetBox Labs?

NetBox Labs delivers fully supported, enterprise-grade editions of NetBox: NetBox Cloud and NetBox Enterprise. Customers like Dartmouth College, Bloomington Public Schools, South Dakota University, and dozens more rely on NetBox Labs to deliver their network source of truth and drive their network automation strategy.

NetBox Labs offerings add features for reliability, security, compliance, and more, and NetBox Cloud eliminates the administrative overhead associated with hosting and managing mission critical NetBox deployments. Learn more about our tiered pricing options for networking teams of all sizes.

What is NetBox?

Open source NetBox is the dominant network source of truth on the market today — the system of record for networking teams to track and manage every device, every IP address, every resource on the network. NetBox has more than 14,000 GitHub stars, tens of thousands of enterprise installs, and hundreds of vendor and technology integrations.