Network Source of Truth for Hospitality

Build and manage complex networks easier with NetBox Cloud

Managing and automating IT and networking footprints and connectivity is a huge challenge for hospitality organizations.

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  • How network source of truth (NSoT) fits into modern hospitality IT management & automation
  • The most common hospitality use cases accelerated by NSoT & automation
  • How hospitality organizations leverage NSoT to operate consistently & eliminate risk
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A network source of truth like NetBox Cloud helps you:

Automate Operations

Automate common fleet operations & eliminate manual toil

Centralize Visibility

Centralize management across disparate local configurations & providers

Operate Consistently

Document, manage, and automate across corporate, locations, and datacenter footprints

One of the world's leading cruise lines - operating 40 floating cities with more than 6,000 people aboard each - depends on NetBox Cloud to accelerate its network operations and consistently deliver world class experiences.

Modernizing IPAM + DCIM

NetBox Cloud combines the capabilities of IPAM and DCIM to create a network source of truth. It eliminates messy spreadsheets and serves as the foundation for network automation. The result? The IP address of the tablet in the host stand– or a router on floor four – is set up exactly to your specifications, every time.

What is NetBox Cloud?

NetBox Cloud is a hosted NetBox solution with specific performance and service level agreements and commercial support. Dozens of customers, including Dartmouth College, Bloomington Public Schools, OneOncology, Sudzucher, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, and Constant Contact, already rely on NetBox Cloud as a network source of truth to drive their network automation strategy.

NetBox Cloud eliminates the administrative overhead associated with hosting and managing enterprise-grade NetBox instances while adding features for reliability, security, compliance, and more. Learn about our tiered pricing options for networking teams of all sizes.

What is NetBox?

Open source NetBox is the dominant network source of truth on the market today — the system of record for networking teams to track and manage every device, every IP address, every resource on the network. NetBox has more than 12,000 GitHub stars, tens of thousands of enterprise installs, and hundreds of vendor and technology integrations.