NetBox Labs Is Community First

Our open source community is our superpower - NetBox Labs is making open source sustainable and scalable

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Our commitment

NetBox Labs is founded on open source software and principles. We believe that open ecosystems and thriving communities foster industry innovation and interoperability.

A message about the importance of the NetBox community from NetBox Labs Co-founder and CEO Kris Beevers

Our Open Source Principles

Community first

At NetBox Labs, “Community First” is a core value. We serve our community. When our community wins, we win.

Virtuous circle

NetBox Labs leverages open source to generate commercial value and revenue, and reinvests in the community to create open source sustainability and scalability.

Big Tent

We believe in an open, composable technology ecosystem. We play well with other products and projects, and we don’t play favorites when it comes to working together on behalf of users.

Our Principles In Action

NetBox Labs acts on our open source principles by investing in our community and growing the thriving NetBox ecosystem ​

NetBox Community Fund

The NetBox Community Fund is a dedicated $100k funding pool committed by NetBox Labs to reward community contributions – a direct representation of our Virtuous Circle. Learn more about the Community Fund – check out the Fund’s announcement.

NetBox Plugin Ideas and Bounties

NetBox Labs curates an “Ideas Board” for NetBox Plugins based on input from the community, and pays bounties to developers of the most requested plugins.  Check out the NetBox Plugin Ideas Board, and read about our plugin bounty program.

NetBox Partner Ecosystem

NetBox Labs is building the Big Tent open, composable ecosystem around NetBox by cultivating partnerships, integrating with tools our community uses, and enabling partners to work together with NetBox. Learn more about NetBox Labs technology partnerships and expert services partners by visiting our Partner center.

NetBox Heroes Podcast

The NetBox community is full of incredible stories. The NetBox Heroes podcast features networking pros from the community to share learnings about career development, how they use NetBox in their networks, network automation, and more. Tune in – there are new episodes every few weeks.

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