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NetBox’s popularity is surging as networks become more complex and networking teams invest in documenting and modeling their networks to streamline operations and unlock the path to network automation.  And with that popularity, we’re seeing a huge demand for education.  Network engineers, architects, and executives who are evaluating NetBox for their needs or planning their implementations are asking for more resources to quickly orient and get started.  And in teams where NetBox is already in use, we constantly hear the need for resources to enable every team member to get the most out of NetBox and to align with best practices.

Today, we’re excited to announce two new NetBox Zero to Hero Live Training courses to meet this demand:

  • NetBox Basics – a free, instructor led overview to quickly get up to speed with NetBox, now happening monthly
  • NetBox Fundamentals – a half-day, hands-on instructor led training that dives deep into key NetBox concepts and gets you hands-on experience working with your own NetBox Cloud instance and a virtual network lab environment, now happening bimonthly

Both courses are now accepting registrations, and our Fundamentals course has limited seats to ensure great engagement with our NetBox expert instructors, so register today to grab a spot in one of the upcoming sessions!

Master the basics, do the lab

Education has been a huge part of the NetBox community for a long time, and that mirrors the learning mindset in the broader networking community.  When I record an episode of the NetBox Heroes podcast, I often ask my guests for advice on how they learned and developed their skills as engineers.

As Kenneth Garcia said on the very first NetBox Heroes episode, “Build up your foundational knowledge.  That’s the most critical part of being a network engineer.  Master the basics.”

That’s exactly why, at NetBox Labs, we believe it’s important to invest in opportunities for those who are just getting started with NetBox to accelerate their learning.  Mastering the basics is exactly what our free NetBox Basics course is all about.

And as Kaon Thana said on a later episode of the podcast, “Pause the Youtube video, do the lab.  Earmark the book, do the lab.”

There is nothing like hands-on experience to accelerate learning.  And our NetBox Fundamentals course is all about providing that hands-on experience working with a live NetBox Cloud instance and your own virtual lab network environment.

Our learning and education strategy is just getting started

In 2023, we began to experiment at NetBox Labs with a few training strategies, including live office hours with our experts, an in-person training at NetDevOps Days in London, and a virtual hands-on training, along with a bevy of webinars and other events.  Our new NetBox Basics and NetBox Fundamentals courses are the result of what we’ve learned.

But we’ve also learned there is a need for more investment in learning and education opportunities for the NetBox and networking communities.  So we’ve got more up our sleeves in 2024 when it comes to educational content.  Some of what you can look forward to:

  • We’ll listen to our community: are there NetBox educational topics of particular interest to you?  We want to know about them – drop us a line.
  • We’ll combine written, recorded, and live content: the NetBox Zero to Hero Guide is incredibly popular and has helped many teams get familiar with NetBox and accelerate their network documentation and automation journeys over the last couple years.  We’ll continue to refine that guide, and we’ll add more written guides to share best practices and practical steps for key use cases like network automation.
  • We’ll widen the audience: NetBox is loved by network engineers.  But adopting NetBox often requires buy-in from leadership or from other teams less steeped in the value of a modern network source of truth.  We’ll help by providing educational content for those audiences too, to help network engineering teams get the support they need to accelerate network automation.
  • We’ll cover the journey: NetBox Basics and NetBox Fundamentals help you get oriented and get going with NetBox.  But we want to help you get to where you really want to be: a mature network management and automation architecture that accelerates operations, reduces noise, and enables faster progress.  Getting there is a journey and helping education networking teams, leadership, and others about the path, tools, and best practices along the way is critical to the success of our mission at NetBox Labs.

Our mission is to make it easier to build and manage complex networks.  NetBox and NetBox Cloud are core to that mission, and so is helping our community get the most out of them.  So take advantage of these new learning opportunities today and get on the educational journey with us!

Learn more about the NetBox trainings available here:

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