NetBox Labs and FullCtl Partner To Enable Interconnection Automation for Network and Internet Exchange Operators Of All Sizes

New York, New York – June 29, 2023NetBox Labs, the open source startup transforming network management and automation, and FullCtl, an intent-based interconnection management platform, today announced their partnership aimed at empowering networking teams to simplify their interconnection operations, save time, and achieve greater efficiency. 

“NetBox’s commitment to Unix-like application design aligns perfectly with our philosophy of doing one thing exceptionally well,” said Matt Griswold, CTO of FullCtl. “By utilizing NetBox for tasks like Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and IP Address Management (IPAM), we can stay focused on our core competency: interconnection automation.”

With a focus on automating interconnection, FullCtl offers two primary products: PeerCtl for BGP automation and peering workflow management, and ixCtl for Internet Exchange point operations automation. FullCtl’s tools and products rely heavily on NetBox’s functionality as the world’s leading Network Source of Truth to manage devices, IP addresses, circuits, and power. To further streamline operations, FullCtl’s ixCtl integrates with NetBox to manage route servers and provide an Internet Exchange-specific customer portal. This portal, a limited version of PeerCtl, empowers self-service activities such as configuring MAC address filters, prefix limits, as-sets, prefix-lists, and MD5 hashes. Moreover, ixCtl facilitates seamless data import and export between NetBox and PeeringDB, enhancing the information available in both systems.

“When operators think of network automation, it mostly evokes automated control of network devices,” said Kris Beevers, CEO of NetBox Labs. “Interconnection automation is an underserviced opportunity, especially for operators of highly interconnected networks and Internet Exchange operators who are managing dynamic, complex peering arrangements that are truly critical. The FullCtl team brings decades of interconnection expertise to bear and is laser focused on introducing automation to address this important gap.”

NetBox was developed and proven over the past seven years to be a critical tool at the center of the networking strategies of every type of enterprise, from Fortune 500 and major telcos to mid-market enterprises and tech companies. With 12,000 stars on GitHub and tens of thousands of enterprise installs, NetBox is the world’s most popular Network Source of Truth and is at the center of the modern network automation community. NetBox Labs offers NetBox Cloud, a hosted NetBox solution with specific performance and service level agreements and commercial support. Dozens of customers, such as Dartmouth College and Constant Contact, already rely on NetBox Cloud as a network source of truth to drive their network automation strategy. 

FullCtl leverages NetBox internally to handle device management, IP addressing, circuits, and power. PeerCtl complements NetBox by simplifying peering requests. Leveraging best practices like as-set filtering and ROA validation, PeerCtl imports data from PeeringDB to facilitate peering selection and configuration, streamlining the process further. As with ixCtl, PeerCtl also interacts with NetBox to export relevant data to PeeringDB. These integrations enable the joint usage of NetBox and PeerCtl, empowering network administrators with comprehensive automation capabilities.


Join a webinar, Trends in Interconnection Automation, on Friday, July 27.

Read a blog post from Kris Beevers, co-founder and CEO of NetBox Labs, on the news.

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About NetBox Labs

NetBox Labs helps companies build and manage complex networks. We help customers accelerate network automation by delivering open, composable products and supporting the network automation community.

The company’s NetBox Cloud product offers an enterprise grade, SaaS version of open source NetBox — the world’s most popular network source of truth. NetBox Labs is the commercial steward of NetBox and Orb, the next-generation open source network observability platform. With customers like Dartmouth College and Constant Contact, and backed by investment from GGV Capital, Grafana Labs CEO Raj Dutt, Flybridge, IBM, Salesforce Ventures, and Mango Capital, NetBox Labs is building the open, composable network automation stack for networking teams.

Visit to learn more or follow NetBox Labs on Twitter at Explore Netox on GitHub.

About FullCtl

FullCtl was founded in 2022 with a mission to make secure interconnection possible for everyone everywhere through information sharing and advanced automation. 

FullCtl is a team of seasoned interconnection and automation experts who are looking to give back with some helpful tools. We believe in the power of the Internet as a global communications medium that brings people closer together and makes the world’s knowledge more accessible than ever before. That’s why we’re working to standardize, simplify, and spread interconnection; to make the Internet even more secure, reliable, and resilient.

Visit for details on the company, the mission, and the platform. Follow FullCtl on GitHub and LinkedIn.

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