Announcing Our Partnership With FullCtl to Accelerate the Future of Interconnection Automation

Today, I’m excited to share some significant news: NetBox Labs is partnering with FullCtl to propel network interconnection into a new era of automation.

Network automation is all about leveraging software to manage and control network operations. Automation is a powerful tool to reduce manual efforts, increase efficiency, and eliminate human error in the face of increasing complexity in networks. But while network automation often focuses on devices like routers and switches, there’s another crucial aspect of networks that benefits from automation – interconnection.

A few weeks ago I recorded a NetBox Heroes podcast episode with Ian Chilton of LONAP, one of the major internet exchanges in the UK. For Ian and other IX operators, interconnection is the raison d’etre. With hundreds of connected networks and terabits/second of traffic flowing through LONAP’s IX, managing that interconnection is a high stakes exercise. And for any network that connects with other networks (spoiler: that’s most of them), managing interconnection is both critical and increasingly complex.

FullCtl are specialists in interconnection automation, combining their deep expertise in global interconnection and internetworking infrastructure to simplify and streamline the complex world of interconnection. They’ve built powerful software and services for interconnection automation.  Most of FullCtl’s software is open source, which the NetBox community and we at NetBox Labs truly value. And FullCtl’s solutions work perfectly with NetBox, leveraging NetBox as the Network Source of Truth to manage resources of the network and drive intent based automation. FullCtl’s software depends upon NetBox for infrastructure and IP address management and integrates with NetBox to manage route servers, bidirectionally connect NetBox and PeeringDB, and automate BGP configuration.

I’m thrilled that we at NetBox Labs have the opportunity to be part of FullCtl’s mission. We’ll be working with the FullCtl team to deepen the integrations between NetBox and FullCtl, make it easy for operators to leverage NetBox and FullCtl together with NetBox Cloud, and lower barriers and accelerate the pace of interconnection automation in the community.

The future of interconnection is automated, and this partnership with FullCtl puts us at the forefront of this exciting evolution. We’ll be hosting a webinar on July 27 to share more about the challenges and opportunities for interconnection automation, and how FullCtl combined with NetBox forms a compelling modern solution. Don’t miss out – sign up and save the date!  And stay tuned for more exciting updates as we work with FullCtl on their mission to shape the future of automated interconnection!


  • Read our press release on the news.
  • Join the webinar, Trends in Interconnection Automation, on July 27.
  • Read FullCtl’s announcement of this partnership, with more details about their offerings and how they integrate with NetBox.
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