Big News! NetDevOps Days Joins Forces with AutoCon

We have some huge news for the whole network automation community today: NetBox Labs and the Network Automation Forum have worked together to merge NetDevOps Days together with AutoCon, creating the “one event to rule them all” for network automation practitioners, thought leaders, and executives.

We at NetBox Labs created NetDevOps Days earlier this year because we saw a need. NetBox is at the heart of modern network automation architectures, and we simply couldn’t find a great forum for practitioners to converge to share stories, talk tech, and further the progress of network automation. Networks are increasingly complex and critical, and networking teams need automation to meet those requirements. But there was no event fully focused on automation for networking pros to converge and connect, so we made one.

Turns out “great minds think alike” (or so we like to think) and in parallel the Network Automation Forum and its AutoCon event was conceived to meet much the same need. When we at NetBox Labs learned about AutoCon, we were thrilled! This network automation conversation is critical and deserves more attention. And as I got to know Scott and Chris, the NAF/AutoCon founders, I knew their visions aligned with ours and we were on the same mission.

The combination of NetDevOps Days into AutoCon will be hugely beneficial to the community. Both events have incredible momentum. The combined communities and sponsor ecosystems will amplify the energy. The focus of a singular event in the rapidly accelerating network automation ecosystem will compound that amplification. And I’d like to think the same energy and determination that NetBox Labs put into materializing NetDevOps Days from thin air, selling out 2x in 30 days in London, then expanding the event in NYC just a few months later, will add some powerful fuel to the AutoCon fire too.

Why does this make sense for NetBox Labs? Simple: we are fundamentally a product company – not an event company, not a services company, not a consulting shop. Our customers and community automate their networks with our products, NetBox and NetBox Cloud, and we created NetDevOps Days to serve the community and widen the conversation. We’ll continue to do that with our energy and support behind AutoCon, and apply that same energy as we always do to our core product mission: making it easier to build and manage complex networks.

To all the attendees, speakers, sponsors, and community members who have made NetDevOps Days a success this year: thank you! The future is bright. We will see you at AutoCon1 and AutoCon2 in 2024!

And to the NetBox community: look out for more! We’ve got some exciting new live events just for you, in the hopper already for 2024. Sign up for our community newsletter so you don’t miss out!

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