NetBox v3.3-beta1 Released

The first beta release for NetBox v3.3 is now available! Version 3.3 introduces some major new features and functionality, including:

  • Multi-object cable terminations (#9102)
  • L2VPN modeling (#8157)
  • PoE interface attributes (#1099)
  • Half-height rack units (#51)
  • Restricting API tokens by client IP (#8233)
  • Referencing the current user in permission constraints (#9074)
  • Custom field grouping (#8495)
  • Toggling custom field visibility (#9166)

…and lots more! Check out the beta release notes for a complete list of improvements.

Bear in mind that, being a beta release, this is not yet suitable for production use. However, you are more than welcome to help us test it for final release. We even have a public demo instance available at Your feedback during this evaluation period will help to ensure a smooth final release for version 3.3, which we expect to make available in mid-August.

Let us know what you think!

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