NetBox Labs Announces Self-Managed NetBox Product With Expert Support and Enterprise Features

It’s been about two and a half years since the first announcement of NetBox Cloud, and about a year and a half since NetBox Cloud went GA. Today, we’re announcing another huge milestone in the evolution of NetBox Labs: NetBox Enterprise. This new product offers advanced features and expert support for NetBox for organizations that need to self-manage their deployments in their own environments.

NetBox Enterprise expands on the rapid success of NetBox Cloud and addresses the needs of organizations that are deeply invested in NetBox within their environments, or are constrained by policy or regulatory considerations to deploy NetBox within their own infrastructure. And NetBox Enterprise, like NetBox Cloud, will amplify the NetBox Labs mission to make building and deploying complex networks easier, while accelerating our “virtuous circle” strategy to reinvest in NetBox OSS and its community.

Enterprise-grade NetBox features and support from the commercial stewards of NetBox

As with NetBox Cloud, NetBox Enterprise will include all the features and benefits of NetBox OSS, along with additional high-value features and integrations that are particularly important in enterprise environments. For example, our recently announced integrations between NetBox and ServiceNow’s CMDB and ITSM platforms are available to NetBox Enterprise customers, unlocking the value of NetBox’s comprehensive and cohesive network data model for teams across the enterprise. In general, most features we deliver beyond NetBox OSS will be made available in both NetBox Cloud and NetBox Enterprise.

And just as importantly, NetBox Enterprise customers join NetBox Cloud customers in gaining access to the expertise of the NetBox Labs team for support and best practices guidance, ensuring they are making the most of their NetBox investment. NetBox Labs operates and supports hundreds of NetBox deployments, meets the NetBox needs of organizations from SMEs to F500 enterprises, and employs the majority of the NetBox OSS maintainers. With NetBox Enterprise, the expertise of the NetBox Labs team is at your disposal as you accelerate your journey with NetBox.

NetBox Enterprise addresses the needs of the most sophisticated, mission-critical NetBox deployments

Market leaders across nearly every industry use NetBox in some way, and for many of them, the use cases and adoption of NetBox by networking, IT operations, datacenter, security, and other teams expand quickly. Simply put: if you’re not using NetBox today, you’re the exception. As a product like NetBox moves along the adoption curve and becomes mission-critical to the organization, it’s equally important to mature the integration of NetBox into the overall enterprise environment. Additionally, these organizations must have access to ongoing support to triage issues, and to maximize the benefits of adopting NetBox as the network source of truth for managing and automating your infrastructure. Many teams choose to use NetBox Cloud for this reason, but increasingly we’re hearing from teams in large enterprise organizations, regulated industries, government agencies, and more who have matured in their use of NetBox but need to continue to operate in their own environments. We are listening, and NetBox Enterprise is now available to meet the needs of those organizations.

Our virtuous circle of investment in NetBox OSS is growing faster

As we announce NetBox Enterprise today, it’s also a good time to reiterate our iron-clad commitment to NetBox OSS and our overall community. Our guiding principles place our community first. We are building a virtuous circle: NetBox Labs generates revenue by delivering high value products atop NetBox OSS, and reinvests that revenue to expand the value of NetBox for the community. We do this in a myriad of ways, from employing multiple NetBox maintainers to directly investing in the NetBox plugin ecosystem to developing and curating resources for the community. NetBox Enterprises addresses a huge category of commercial demand, and will further accelerate our virtuous circle as a result. Our investment in NetBox OSS is growing quickly thanks to the trust our customers have placed in NetBox Labs.

Join our mission: we’re hiring to meet the demand for NetBox Enterprise

We know there is massive demand for NetBox Enterprise, and we’re thrilled to have reached sufficient scale and rate of growth with NetBox Cloud to now bring this new offering to market to meet the need we’ve heard. To meet that demand, we’re growing our team quickly. We’re hiring for multiple roles across customer support, sales, and engineering. If you’re passionate about creating and supporting technology that is critical to the future of networking, building products that underpin a huge and enthusiastic community, and having fun and accelerating your career while you’re at it, check out our current openings!

NetBox Enterprise is available today – learn more here and contact us to discuss your needs.

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