NetBox Labs Unveils Data and Workflow Integrations with ServiceNow to Enrich IT Service Management for Networking Teams

New ServiceNow integrations for NetBox Cloud enable seamless network management workflows and unlock the value of NetBox’s comprehensive network data model for enterprise-wide teams

Today NetBox Labs advances its mission to help network engineers build and manage complex networks with the announcement of new NetBox integrations with ServiceNow, the world leader in IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. These new integrations provide network engineers with a best of both worlds solution, combining NetBox’s industry leading network data model with ServiceNow’s No-Code/Low-Code workflows and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) functionalities. The integrations are available now for Private Preview by NetBox Labs customers.

With today’s announcements, networking teams can:

  • Integrate bidirectionally between ServiceNow and NetBox Labs solutions, enabling a seamless “best of both worlds” synchronization of information between tools
  • Use NetBox data to enrich ITSM and IT Operations Management (ITOM) workflows across network inventory management, customer service management, incident management and problem resolution, and overall IT service delivery.
  • Unlock scheduled and event-driven data exchange and workflows between the NetBox Network Source of Truth and ServiceNow’s CMDB, encompassing a number of data types, particularly NetBox devices, ServiceNow CMDB configuration items (CIs), and assets.

Expanding NetBox’s value across the enterprise

While networking teams naturally gravitate to NetBox’s industry leading data model and extensibility, they also need to ensure that their network management and automation initiatives integrate with the broader enterprise, and more often than not, that means working with the industry leader in IT management, ServiceNow.

“Enterprise class, fully supported integrations between NetBox and ServiceNow have been hotly requested features from our rapidly expanding customer base”, says Richard Boucher, Product Manager at NetBox Labs, “Both ServiceNow and NetBox are heavily ecosystem focused in their approach, and by leaning on the rich extensibility offered by both tools, customers of both platforms can now bring their teams closer together, powering cross functional business workflows by combining the comprehensive data available through the combination of the tools.”

Networking teams can now easily create self-service workflows in ServiceNow that access and manage network data in NetBox, for example, allocating and provisioning network resources like IP addresses or VLANs, including review and approval workflows. On top of enabling richer cross-functional workflows, teams can eliminate manual data entry in both platforms by populating enterprise IT management data like locations, hardware product models, and CIs & hardware assets from ServiceNow into NetBox, or by automatically synchronizing network infrastructure resources like device types and devices from NetBox to ServiceNow, including real-time synchronization of changes as they occur. Automatically synchronizing NetBox’s network source of truth data with ServiceNow’s CMDB unlocks the value of NetBox’s data model for teams like Security, Accounting, and Procurement that depend on ServiceNow for planning, budgeting, and operations. Networking teams are freed from burdensome and repetitive reporting duties, with other teams now able to self-service the network data they need with their standard tools.

The NetBox integrations for ServiceNow are available now as a Private Preview for existing NetBox Labs customers, who can reach out to for access. If you’re not yet a NetBox Cloud customer and you’re interested in learning more about the NetBox ServiceNow integration, send an email to The integrations will be made generally available later this year.

Expanding IT service management to the network

For ITSM practitioners, integrating ServiceNow with NetBox can provide significant benefits while expanding the scope of their IT management processes to better include the network. The integrations announced today enable efficient information management and reduce the administrative overhead of managing network assets, such as tracking physical devices and allocating IP addresses. Furthermore, they ensure information is accurate and up-to-date across systems.

These integrations also allow for end-to-end automation, enabling tasks such as updating IT request tickets with IP address allocation details, enriching troubleshooting tickets with relevant detailed network information, and providing a more complete perspective across all IT domains when assessing risk associated with change requests.  Similarly, network automation capabilities are enhanced by automating IP address allocation across the network, facilitating quick access to data needed for deploying new devices, and providing the information necessary to automate troubleshooting and resolve incidents in real time.

Integrating ServiceNow with NetBox also significantly improves ITSM processes themselves. For example, more efficient incident management ensures quick detection and resolution of network incidents, streamlined incident handling, enhanced tracing and accountability, and ultimately an improved customer experience. By having access to accurate and timely information from NetBox, organizations can enforce standardized service delivery processes and ensure consistency in service provisioning, reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency. Improved visibility and meaningful reporting provide valuable insights for decision-making, performance tracking, and continuous improvement efforts within the organization.

Get Access to the NetBox ServiceNow Integrations

The NetBox integrations for ServiceNow are available now for Private Preview by existing NetBox Cloud and NetBox Enterprise customers on request, and will be made generally available to all NetBox Labs customers later this year. If you’re a NetBox Cloud or NetBox Enterprise customer and you’d like to test these integration capabilities with ServiceNow, send an email to If you’re not yet a NetBox Cloud or Netbox Enterprise customer and you’re interested in learning more about integrating with ServiceNow, send an email to

Join the ServiceNow and NetBox integration webinar

On Friday, March 15, Richard Boucher, product manager, and Rich Bibby, technical advocate, at NetBox Labs will host a webinar where attendees can see the integration in action, learn more about the data model mappings between the two platforms, and see walkthroughs of examples of the workflows enabled by these integrations. Register today!

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