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A module is a field-replaceable hardware component installed within a device which houses its own child components. The most common example is a chassis-based router or switch.

Similar to devices, modules are instantiated from module types, and any components associated with the module type are automatically instantiated on the new model. Each module must be installed within a module bay on a device, and each module bay may have only one module installed in it.



The parent device into which the module is installed.

Module Bay

The module bay into which the module is installed.

Module Type

The module type which represents the physical make & model of hardware. By default, module components will be instantiated automatically from the module type when creating a new module.


The module's operational status.


Additional statuses may be defined by setting Module.status under the FIELD_CHOICES configuration parameter.

Serial Number

The unique physical serial number assigned to this module by its manufacturer.

Asset Tag

A unique, locally-administered label used to identify hardware resources.

Replicate Components

Controls whether templates module type components are automatically added when creating a new module.

Adopt Components

Controls whether pre-existing components assigned to the device with the same names as components that would be created automatically will be assigned to the new module.