Icinga and NetBox Labs Partner to Automate Network Monitoring

One of the major strengths of Icinga is its capability to integrate with many other tools to automate and scale IT infrastructure monitoring. Today, we’re happy to announce the certification of an integration between Icinga and NetBox. The solution was developed over the past four years by our enterprise partner Sol1 and will be jointly supported by all Icinga, Sol1, and NetBox Labs, the commercial steward of NetBox. This partnership enhances the reliable integration developed and maintained by Sol1, simplifying the monitoring of extensive networks, designed and documented in NetBox. It ensures that Icinga automatically receives up-to-date and accurate data.

Proven Integration for Automated Monitoring

The integration between Icinga and NetBox, the leading network source of truth, has been built over the last four years to deliver consistency and ease of use. It’s battle tested and already being used in production by numerous joint users of NetBox and Icinga. Core to the integration is a robust mechanism for data validation and synchronization between the tools.

NetBox acts as the authoritative source of truth and dynamic inventory, supplying reliable data that Icinga leverages to automate and populate its configuration. This combination ensures consistency and simplifies the setup of monitoring systems. Changes made in NetBox are automatically reflected in Icinga, streamlining operations and reducing the need for direct interaction with Icinga’s configuration.

Minimizing Operational Strain and Manual Errors

A key feature of this integration is its capability to make monitoring accessible to users of all experience levels with Icinga. By managing the complexities of configuration and data validation within Icinga Director, this integration eases the manual workload of setting up and utilizing NetBox and Icinga, enabling efficient network management and monitoring.

As networks grow, even minor errors can have significant consequences. This integration ensures that Icinga’s configuration stays aligned with the network’s intended state as defined in NetBox, facilitating sustainable monitoring across large infrastructures. This functionality is vital for organizations with complex and dynamic network environments, helping them maintain optimal performance and reliability.

“NetBox’s position as the number one network source of truth has resulted in a huge global community of users and contributors who are consistently expanding the value of the ecosystem and sharing their work.” says Kris Beevers, CEO at NetBox Labs, “The open source work Sol1 has done to integrate NetBox and Icinga massively streamlines network management setups that employ both tools, connecting them with automation that reduces operational burden. Many enterprises leverage the integration, and today’s partnership underlines our commitment to supporting and investing in this solution along with Icinga and Sol1.”

Real-World NetBox and Icinga Customer Stories

The integration between NetBox and Icinga was developed and is supported by Sol1, an Australian full-service development and consulting firm. Sol1 has successfully implemented architectures utilizing NetBox as dynamic inventory for Icinga for several industry leaders:

  • Telstra leveraged NetBox to enhance network operations, leading to more efficient service delivery. The integration facilitated automated monitoring configuration for thousands of devices across their data centers.
  • Foxtel utilized the integration during a data center consolidation project, reducing their facilities from five to three. The Icinga importer streamlined data verification, greatly simplifying the monitoring setup process.
  • Reivernet oversees networks for various international hotels, necessitating a scalable monitoring solution. The integration proved to be the perfect solution, managing over 300,000 devices initially and anticipated to effortlessly scale up to 1.5 million devices.

“As organizations seek to stay in control of their growing networks, they are keen to reduce manual work for their teams and avoid alert fatigue that can lead to unnecessary downtime in their networks.” says Dave Kempe, founder at Sol1, the creators and maintainers of the integration, “We see NetBox in pretty much every customer we engage with, and the combination of NetBox and Icinga has helped our customers to manage and scale their networks more effectively.”

The Sol1 integration between NetBox and Icinga illustrates the strength of the network automation ecosystem and embodies our inclusive philosophy in action. By combining the strengths of both platforms, Sol1 developed a solution that provides a scalable approach to network monitoring. This solution is now certified and supported by all three companies involved.

Join the Webinar

To learn more, join our joint webinar on August 6 where NetBox Labs’ Chief Evangelist Mark Coleman will join Sol1’s CEO Dave Kempe and Blerim Sheqa, COO at Icinga, to discuss this integration, including hands-on demonstrations to help you get started right away. Register now!

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