Announcing General Availability of the ServiceNow CMDB and Workflow Integrations for NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud

A few months ago, we announced private preview availability of two new ServiceNow NetBox integrations for customers of NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud. Since then, we’ve seen incredible engagement from a large array of enterprise customers, demonstrating the importance of connecting NetBox’s data with the enterprise-wide system of record and workflows. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that these ServiceNow integrations are generally available to be added to NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud deployments, with compatibility across all recent versions of NetBox – including NetBox 4.0.

Our engagement with customers during the private preview of our ServiceNow integrations has demonstrated that ServiceNow is a critical component of many enterprise information architectures and processes, and that coupling ServiceNow with NetBox enables seamless alignment between networking teams and the data and processes of other teams across the organization. There are two primary integration patterns between NetBox and ServiceNow, each enabled by our supported integrations:

  1. Bidirectional integration between NetBox Enterprise or NetBox Cloud and ServiceNow’s CMDB, for granularly configured bidirectional sharing and synchronization of network and infrastructure data
  2. Leveraging NetBox Enterprise or NetBox Cloud’s data and automation capabilities to enrich ITSM workflows, such as incident and change management, asset management and overall IT service delivery

Integrating NetBox with ServiceNow’s CMDB

Of the two integrations, we’ve seen the strongest response to the integration between NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud with ServiceNow’s CMDB Enterprises depend upon ServiceNow’s CMDB as the organization-wide System of Record (SOR) for infrastructure and assets, and teams from Finance to Security build processes around the data in ServiceNow to meet their objectives. ServiceNow’s CMDB is a powerful broad-based system for capturing organization-wide IT infrastructure and asset management data, but it isn’t meant to represent the comprehensive and cohesive real-world network intent that NetBox’s data model unlocks for Network teams.

NetBox is a critical tool for Network teams to reduce failures, manage infrastructure efficiently, and unlock automation, and the data in NetBox is deep – aligning closely to a real-world model of modern network infrastructure. So, the most common deployment pattern we see is NetBox as the System of Record for detailed network data, and ServiceNow as the SOR for assets and infrastructure at the higher level needed by other teams.

The integration between NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud with ServiceNow’s CMDB directly supports this pattern by enabling bidirectional synchronization of information between the two platforms. Data can be synchronized on a scheduled or event-driven basis. The integration enables selective configuration of data exchange between the two platforms to establish the System of Record for various types of network and infrastructure data spanning ServiceNow CMDB configuration items (CIs) and assets, NetBox devices, and more. For example, many teams find it valuable to pull information from ServiceNow about Locations and Sites into NetBox; while also ensuring NetBox’s authoritative data about network devices and IP addresses is synchronized into ServiceNow.

The outcome of this integration pattern is flexible synchronization between ServiceNow’s CMDB and NetBox Enterprise or NetBox Cloud, ensuring every enterprise can decide which tool is the SOR for a particular type of data. And even more importantly, integrating NetBox with ServiceNow in this pattern enables teams outside of Networking to self-service the information they need about the network, with the tools they already use, reducing the burden of ad hoc informational requests for Network teams and enabling other teams to move much faster, turning the data in NetBox into an even more strategic asset.

Watch the ServiceNow CMDB NetBox integration demo:

Integrate NetBox with ServiceNow’s ITSM to streamline business workflows

The second integration now generally available between NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud is with ServiceNow’s IT workflow solutions, unlocking the ability to incorporate NetBox’s data and APIs seamlessly into ServiceNow business workflows.Many organizations leverage ServiceNow’s ITSM workflows to address business processes for change management, handling troubleshooting and incidents, and management of service delivery processes.Often, it’s extremely valuable to tightly couple those processes with context and automated changes to the network itself, and now every team can leverage NetBox data and automations in their ServiceNow ITSM workflows to this end.

One of the most common goals teams seek to address with the ServiceNow ITSM integrations with NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud is to integrate changes in NetBox that drive network automations directly into change management workflows.This enables patterns like self-service provisioning of network resources or service change automations.For example, teams often find it valuable to trigger automations straight from business workflows that do:

  • Automatic IP address and VLAN allocations
  • Network service provisioning, such as VLAN port assignments
  • IP subnet allocations for application rollouts
  • Automated generation of IP Allow/Deny lists
  • Automated port activation
  • … And many more

Teams that use ServiceNow’s ITSM workflows in their business processes can now easily incorporate these kinds of network automations by connecting NetBox with ServiceNow.

Watch the ServiceNow ITSM Workflow Integration with NetBox demo video:

How to get started integrating NetBox and ServiceNow

With today’s general availability, it’s easy to get moving integrating your NetBox Enterprise or NetBox Cloud instances with your ServiceNow deployment. Reach out to your NetBox Labs account team or to our customer support organization, and we’ll walk you through adding the integrations to your license, help you and your ServiceNow experts plan your data synchronization and workflows integration strategies, and work closely with you to ensure a successful implementation and ongoing operations between the two platforms.

These supported integrations between NetBox and ServiceNow are only available to NetBox Labs customers. If you’re using NetBox Community edition and ServiceNow today and want to explore these integrations, check out this on-demand webinar or get in touch and we can help you get started.

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