NetBox Labs Announces Project Bundles for Partners to Accelerate Network Projects

NetBox Cloud and NetBox Enterprise Project Bundles for Partners Streamline and Simplify Access to Supported Editions of NetBox for Consulting, Integrator, and Services Partners

NEW YORK, June 3, 2024 – Today, NetBox Labs announced immediate availability of new Project Bundles for Partners for all NetBox Cloud and NetBox Enterprise plans, making it easy for expert partners to deploy and manage NetBox on a project basis, get access to advanced features to accelerate projects, and leverage the expertise and support of NetBox Labs to maximize success. Project Bundles enable NetBox Labs partners to leverage any NetBox Cloud or NetBox Enterprise offering freely, with full product usage, feature, and support entitlements, during the design phase of network consulting projects for end customers.

“Enterprise networking teams depend on their trusted partners to design, build, and deploy critical network projects, and we’re proud to work closely with an incredible ecosystem of consulting, integrator, and services partners across the globe,” said Kris Beevers, CEO, NetBox Labs.  Those partners depend on NetBox to accelerate and derisk network designs, automate deployments, and document their projects for customers in a living network source of truth that enhances operations and automation after project completion. At NetBox Labs, we prioritize our partners and Project Bundles for Partners is part of a strategy of innovation to enable our partners to more easily build and manage complex network projects and maximize value for their clients.”

“NetBox is the de facto standard for documenting, modeling, and automating networks and we frequently use NetBox in our projects for clients at Nomios. NetBox Labs has demonstrated time and again they’re a great vendor for partners to work with, and NetBox Labs Project Bundles for Partners is a great example”, said Steve Maloney, Regional Sales Director at Nomios UK&I. “Project Bundles for Partners will result in outcomes for our clients that really matter: better project documentation, tie-in to the network automation strategies of our clients, and accelerated delivery using NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud to plan and deliver network projects.”

Partners accelerate, derisk, and amplify their network and automation projects by incorporating NetBox during design and deployment. By leveraging NetBox in projects, partners:

  • Leverage NetBox’s comprehensive and cohesive network data model to lay out their network designs, validate the correctness of the design, and automate deployment and configuration of new networks
  • Implement modern network automation architectures with NetBox as the network source of truth, and leverage the massive integration ecosystem and NetBox Labs technology alliances to deliver validated network automation solutions to customers
  • Deliver NetBox as “living documentation” to customers at project hand-off, documenting exactly what’s been delivered and how it’s configured, even tying the project documentation in NetBox into ongoing operations and automation

“We frequently use NetBox as a tool to accelerate the design, build, and deployment phases of network projects for our clients,” said Dan Wade, Network and Infrastructure Automation Practice Lead, BlueAlly. “As the most popular network source of truth, NetBox is a great fit for most projects, and NetBox Labs Project Bundles for Partners will help us leverage all the features of NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud, work closely with the NetBox Labs team to accelerate client projects, and seamlessly deliver our clients fine grained ‘living’ network documentation that couples into automations – meaning both BlueAlly and our clients benefit from faster delivery, reduced project risk, and better information sharing and integration.”

NetBox Labs Project Bundles for Partners make it easy for partners to gain these benefits for every project without cumbersome bespoke deployments of NetBox or complicated transition of NetBox instances to the end customer.  Project Bundles seamlessly transfer to end customer licenses for the appropriate edition of NetBox when the network project is delivered by the partner to their customer. Project Bundles for Partners include:

  • Full access to any NetBox Enterprise or NetBox Cloud plan for a project design phase
  • Access to enterprise grade support and best practices assistance from the NetBox Labs team
  • Seamless transfer of the appropriate commercial license for the end customer at project hand-off
  • Included NetBox Labs training seats for end customers to maximize their benefits from NetBox

To access Project Bundles, partners must join the NetBox Labs Expert Partners program, and can email to get started.

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