Webinar: Network Test Automation on Steroids: NetBox + Netpicker

June 11, 2024 11:00 ET | 15:00 UTC | 17:00 CET

Join this webinar and learn how to supercharge your network with Automated Testing using NetBox with Netpicker.io and replace your ‘legacy’ config backup tools with a modern and free alternative.

It will feature an introduction to Netpicker.io and integration with NetBox. Discover what these tools can do and how they fit together in a modern Network Automation architecture.

It will cover:

  • Replace old config backup tools (like Rancid) with Netpicker’s free edition using docker architecture, Netmiko support (117+ vendors), Git backups, powerful GUI & API and integrated PyTesting
  • Automated Network Testing: Learn how easy it is to validate your network with (existing) Pytests, use AI-generated tests and manage everything with easy GUI & API
  • Using NetBox as a Dynamic Inventory Source for Netpicker to allow closed-loop automation and validation of intent vs state.
  • How you can contribute to developing community tests 
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