Panel Session: Device Configuration Deep Dive

July 17, 2024 15:00 UTC

Device Configuration is the perennial network automation example but once you scratch the surface things quickly become complicated.

In this panel session Mark Coleman and Rich Bibby from NetBox Labs, will be joined by an all-star line up of panelists to highlight common challenges in configuring devices, and known approaches for overcoming them.

This session is geared towards anyone looking to automate their device interactions, whether you’re just getting started and wondering what to look out for, or already on your network automation journey, you can look forward to hot takes and hard-won insights. We’re looking forward to lively Q&A throughout, so if you have your own thoughts to share, please come along and get involved.


Adam Kirchberger

Automation Team Lead


Steinn Örvar 

Lead product development engineer


Jeremy Schulman

Advisory Board Member

Network Automation Forum

Suresh Vina

Network Engineer

LMAX Group

Danny Wade

Practice Lead, Network & Infrastructure Automation

Blue Ally