Network Discovery and Assurance in NetBox Cloud

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What does NetBox Labs offer?

Together with its partners Forward Networks, IP Fabric and Slurp’it, NetBox Labs delivers automated discovery of networks into NetBox Cloud, the industry leading network source of truth, to simplify and expedite NetBox implementation for networking teams.

Try free, automated day one discovery in NetBox Cloud today.

With this partnership, your team can:

Eliminate manual discovery and data entry for zero cost

Slurp’it and IP Fabric will automate “Day 1” network discovery and populate NetBox Cloud’s network data model free of charge

Ensure ogoing network assurance and validation

Integrate solutions from IP Fabric or Slurp’it with NetBox Cloud as the network source of truth to automate continuous network assurance and validation

Gain new insight for compliance checks

Leverage data from NetBox Cloud’s model to augment data in partner platforms and address other key network observability and operations use cases such as compliance validation

Our Partners

Keep your network secure and reliable

The company’s network digital twin platform collects massive amounts of data from large, complex enterprise networks. Its collaboration with NetBox Labs enables security, cloud, and network teams to benefit from using network inventory data in NetBox Cloud as a source of truth to drive automation, as well as improved auditing and compliance.

Onboard NetBox Cloud with real network data

IP Fabric provides comprehensive discovery and assurance of your network, as well as all the data to initially populate IPAM and DCIM elements of your NetBox instance from inventory and topology, to config and state. Once your NetBox Cloud instance is onboarded, the snapshots generated in IP Fabric’s Network Assurance platform provide a full picture of observed truth to be measured and diff’d with the intended state as defined in NetBox, enabling assurance workflows

Simplify network discovery

Slurpit’s integration offers customers an effortless way to import discovered network data into NetBox Cloud. This is essential for managing the differences between actual and intended network state, and when starting with network automation. The Slurp’it plugin seamlessly integrates both products, streamlining the onboarding and reconciliation process