We’re (re)launching the NetBox Advocates Program!

Today we’re (re)launching the NetBox advocates program!

(You may recall that we initially announced the program last year, but then we got real busy.)

The goal of the advocates program is to identify means for community members to interact more directly with the project and help others in the community to succeed in more ways than was previously possible.

We’re really excited about this because we finally have a way to engage directly with end users to gather stats and solicit feedback. We see this becoming a huge part of NetBox development in the near future.

What does it mean to be a NetBox advocate?

  • You will be added to the private Netbox Advocates Slack channel where you will be the first to learn about upcoming plans for the project, and become a vital part of our community.
  • We’ll occasionally reach out (via email or Slack) for feedback on specific new or planned NetBox features. For example, we may ask for feedback on the plugins development experience, or which of several potential new features you’d prefer to see first. This feedback will help guide NetBox’s long-term development.
  • You will be trusted to help guide our community by answering questions in the #netbox Slack channel and on Github and Reddit.
  • You may be offered access to pre-release instances of NetBox and related tools for evaluation and feedback.
  • You and your organization’s logo will be published on our list of advocates. (You can of course opt out of this if you prefer.)

If this sounds interesting to you, register today! We’re planning to leverage the advocates program starting next month, so keep an eye out for an invite to our first call where we will discuss first steps for the group. I look forward to seeing everyone there and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.

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