NetBox Labs and Kentik

NetBox Labs and Kentik Team Up to Enhance Operational Efficiency with Integrated NetOps Workflows

May 23, 2024 – New York – NetBox Labs, the commercial stewards of the most popular network source of truth, NetBox,, today announced a technology partnership with Kentik, the leader in modern network observability. The partnership combines Kentik’s insights with NetBox’s authoritative context about the network, empowering networking teams to accelerate their network operations, reduce time to resolve incidents, and eliminate manual toil. 

The partnership will deliver a series of integrations in 2024. The first integration released today unlocks context aware navigation for NetBox Labs customers, enabling users  to easily pull up Kentik’s most relevant network observability data pertaining to infrastructure from within NetBox. This integration:

  • Reduces “swivel chair operations” by leveraging context sensitive navigation between NetBox and Kentik’s Network Observability Platform to increase efficiency and reduce errors
  • Accelerates incident resolution efforts: Integrated operational workflows empower network operators to seamlessly access all relevant information about the network in real time

“At NetBox Labs, our mission is to make it easier to build and manage complex networks. Centralizing network documentation and adoption of NetBox as a network source of truth unlocks and accelerates the path to modern network automation architectures,” said Kris Beevers, CEO and co-founder of NetBox Labs. “With today’s announcements, we demonstrate the power of NetBox’s open, composable ecosystem. NetBox Cloud customers can now leverage Kentik’s Network Observability Platform more easily as part of their NetOps workflows. We’re thrilled to be working with Kentik and we’re committed to continuing our investment in the NetBox ecosystem to empower networking teams to move faster and operate with confidence.”

Customers can expect two more high value integrations between the platforms in 2024:

  • NetBox as dynamic inventory for Kentik – Automatically configure Kentik’s network monitoring system to monitor new devices and adapt existing configurations as your network evolves in NetBox – eliminate operational steps and ensure always-on monitoring coverage
  • Contextual enrichment for network observability – Contextualize your network observability with information about your network infrastructure, configuration, and connectivity straight from NetBox – help operators overcome alert overload, resolve incidents quickly, and plan effectively

“NetBox is the source of truth for modern network management and automation for many of our customers,” said Avi Freedman, CEO and co-founder of Kentik. “We’re delighted to partner with NetBox Labs to streamline, error-proof, and accelerate operations in increasingly complex and dynamic network environments.”.”

The first integration delivered by today’s partnership is available today to NetBox Labs and Kentik customers.  Teams can learn more about the partnership and get started immediately by visiting

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