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Announcing the NetBox Labs Resource Center

NetBox Labs has been on a mission to make network automation accessible to as many teams as possible. Our team – working with the network automation community – have created many resources in order to bring us closer to that vision. Over the years we’ve developed detailed documentation, how-to guides, videos, webinars, and reference architectures that provide guidance for networking professionals on their network automation journey. These resources can help simplify the practice network management, but only if they’re readily available and accessible at the times they’re needed. 

Until today, the most resources for NetBox users lived across various channels, in separate locations outside of the NetBox Cloud and Enterprise application experience. Today, we’re bringing these siloed resources under one roof, and into a seamless NetBox Cloud and Enterprise user experience. We’re excited to announce the NetBox Labs Resource Center, a dedicated resource hub that facilitates the use of NetBox across a variety of use cases. We’ve begun rolling it out to customers across all NetBox Cloud and Enterprise users today.

A leap forward in user experience

The goal of the NetBox Labs Resource Center was to make it easier to find the resources that facilitate the use of NetBox. Recent trends in modern application design focus on providing a non-intrusive way to receive help, tooltips, and recommendations within the application itself. Over the past year our users have voiced that they want to be able to answer their questions within the application directly without having to leave the application to search for the answer to their specific question.

The NetBox Labs Resource Center was designed with the principle that users should not have to leave the experience to find the answers that they’re looking for. The NetBox Labs Resource Center brings the necessary resources right to your fingertips within the application itself. Let’s show you how we’ve enabled this within the current NetBox Cloud and Enterprise experience. 

Facilitating NetBox use across our user base

Whether you’re a new user, or a seasoned expert, we designed the Resource Center to host and serve content most relevant to your use case and level of experience. 

For example, we know NetBox can be a bit intimidating at first for new users. For those users we’re providing upfront instruction and guidance to reduce the time it takes to get started and become comfortable with the application. When new users open the NetBox Resource Center, they will be served with resources that help them get started with NetBox, regardless of their technical acumen or coding background. 

More experienced users will also benefit from the addition of the new Resource Center. The ability to search for answers to questions and resources directly, while being exposed to other helpful content that gets them started using previously unused features and functionality. We hope that this will unlock new levels of productivity within our current user base, and help users better streamline their use of the platform. 

Getting started with the NetBox Labs Resource Center

The NetBox Labs Resource Center is available today to all NetBox Cloud and Enterprise users across all subscription tiers when they login. On the bottom right corner of the homepage once you login, you will see a new help icon. 

Clicking that icon, opens the Resource Center on the right side of your screen, with popular curated resources populating automatically.

From here, if the user hasn’t found the resource they’re looking for, they can leverage the search functionality which will populate content based on your keyword search. 

What’s next for the NetBox Resource Center

The NetBox Labs team is dedicated to providing networking professionals with the tools that they need to fulfill their network automation goals. Whether you’re a seasoned NetBox veteran, or just getting started importing your data, we encourage all to check out the new hub and let us know your feedback. We encourage users to be vocal about this current iteration of the Resource Center as we invest in building out more resources across use cases. What would be helpful to see in the future? Feel free to reach out directly with your thoughts at

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