NetBox Labs and Lightyear Partner

NetBox Labs and Lightyear Partner to Ease Network Connectivity Management

Combination Adds Deep Network Connectivity Infrastructure and Vendor Management Capabilities for Customers Managing Complex Circuit Footprints in NetBox

NetBox Labs, the company transforming network management and automation, and Lightyear, the Telecom Operating System that automates and optimizes sourcing and management of network connectivity services, today announce a partnership that combines Lightyear’s deep capabilities for procurement and management of network services with NetBox’s breadth as the source of truth for network documentation and automation. For companies that use NetBox Cloud and NetBox Enterprise to document and automate network facilities, devices, configurations, and connectivity, the partnership with Lightyear brings valuable tools for procuring and managing internet and WAN circuits across 1,200+ vendors, optimizing networking spend and reducing vendor management overhead.

The partnership creates immediate benefits for NetBox Labs customers:

  • Enhance network connectivity management: Leverage Lightyear’s deep network connectivity management capabilities alongside NetBox’s circuit modeling to achieve the best of both products: Lightyear’s data-driven procurement optimization, circuit vendor management, and circuit lifecycle management; and NetBox’s mature network data model relating circuits to other network resources such as IP addresses, facilities, and network devices
  • Keep NetBox’s source of truth up to date: Use the NetBox Labs Lightyear Plugin for NetBox Cloud and NetBox Enterprise to easily synchronize service data from Lightyear, enrich NetBox’s circuit information, and import circuits to NetBox as they’re purchased and installed via Lightyear

Addressing modern connectivity challenges with proven results

As networks increase in complexity and scale, connectivity footprints are exploding. TeleGeography noted a 4-year CAGR in global internet bandwidth of 23% through 2023. The transition from MPLS to IP connectivity, the adoption of technologies like SD-WAN, and the explosion of connected devices and systems is driving rapid expansion in the network connectivity footprints of enterprises globally.  As a result, managing those footprints is increasingly challenging and critical. Identifying and procuring circuits from the right vendors, price optimization, implementation management, forecasting and planning for renewals and capacity expansion, engaging vendors in troubleshooting activities, and aligning connectivity setups with configurations of other network resources and infrastructure all become harder to manage as connectivity footprints grow.

Networking teams turn to NetBox to centralize circuit inventory management and model and automate circuits alongside other network infrastructure, resulting in 100s of hours saved on management and troubleshooting tasks and up to 80% reduction in network issues. And they turn to Lightyear to accelerate and optimize connectivity procurement, cost, and vendor management, resulting in 70% reduction in time spent on vendor management and 20% reduction in spend on telecom services. Together, NetBox and Lightyear deliver comprehensive capabilities for networking teams to manage connectivity cohesively and proactively, saving time, reducing failures, and optimizing spend.

Expanding value for networking teams

“NetBox Labs customers document and automate increasingly complex networks with exploding circuit inventories,” said Kris Beevers, CEO at NetBox Labs.  “It’s critical that they can leverage NetBox’s comprehensive data modeling to align their circuit management with connected resources like network interfaces, devices, and IP addressing.  And it’s incredibly valuable for our customers to be able to optimize their circuit costs and their engagement with circuit vendors. Many NetBox Labs customers work with dozens of vendors to deploy hundreds or even thousands of circuits. Lightyear simplifies and automates those processes, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with them to bring these valuable capabilities to our customers.”

Dennis Thankachan, Lightyear’s CEO, added, “NetBox is a critical tool that’s widely used across the enterprise to manage complex network footprints. The NetBox Labs team sees the opportunities their customers and users have to optimize their connectivity costs and processes every day, and we’re excited to be working together with NetBox Labs to make that easier for their customers with this partnership.”

Learn more about the partnership

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