NetBox Dominates at NANOG87 Hackathon

Several of us at NetBox Labs were able to attend NANOG 87 in person earlier this month, and we had a great time! As always there was lots of excellent discussion with operators and vendors alike, and we were thrilled to see so much interest in NetBox.

Particularly awesome was this conference’s hackathon, the theme of which was interacting with sources of truth. As the lead NetBox maintainer, I flew in early to lend support as teams competed. In the end, three of the five projects featured NetBox!

The all-female student team from CU Boulder devised a script to automatically upload to NetBox the sites, devices, and other objects needed to document a network. Their goal was to greatly reduce the amount of tedious work a human must complete to get up and running.

Source: @CUBoulderNetEng on Twitter

Another cool project showcased is ntopex, from Netreplica. This tool uses data center information management (DCIM) data from NetBox to automatically construct Containerlab topologies for network emulation. And finally, there was the geospatial plugin netbox-geo, which helps visualize geographic data in NetBox.

Hackathons are great opportunities to engage with fellow network operators and developers to solve common problems, and to meet new friends! We hope to see you at NANOG 88 in June!

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