NetBox v3.4-beta1 Released

The first beta release for NetBox v3.4 has just been released! A few of the biggest new features coming to version 3.4 include:

  • New and improved global search (#10560)
  • Virtual device context (VDC) modeling (#7854)
  • Saved filters (#9623)
  • JSON & YAML support for bulk import (#4347)
  • CSV-based bulk updates (#7961)
  • Scheduled reports & scripts (#8366)
  • Programmatic API for staged changes (#10851)
  • Lots of extensions to the plugins API

The beta release notes include a complete list of everything new. Then go check out our public demo instance (credentials: admin/admin) to help kick the tires and let us know what you think! Community feedback during the beta period is crucial to ensuring the final release meets the needs of our users. Look for v3.4.0 to drop sometime in mid-December!

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