NetBox v3.4.0 Released

NetBox v3.4.0 has just been released on GitHub! This is our final milestone release for the year, and it includes a ton of new features and improved functionality. Here are some highlights:

  • New Global Search (#10560)
  • Virtual Device Contexts (#7854)
  • Saved Filters (#9623)
  • JSON/YAML Bulk Imports (#4347)
  • Update Existing Objects via Bulk Import (#7961)
  • Scheduled Reports & Scripts (#8366)
  • API for Staged Changes (#10851)

Check out the version 3.4 release notes for a complete list of all the new improvements, and be sure to consider the modest list of breaking changes before upgrading your production instances.

As always, we owe many thanks to the numerous community members who help test this release during the beta period and provided crucial feedback to ensure a smooth release. We’ll continue to rely heavily on the guidance and inspiration of our ever-growing community as we turn our sights toward 2024.

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