NetBox v3.3.0 Released

NetBox v3.3.0 has just been released on GitHub! Our second 3.x release this year packs a bunch of long-awaited features, including:

  • Multi-object Cable Terminations (#9102)
  • L2VPN Modeling (#8157)
  • PoE Interface Attributes (#1099)
  • Half-Height Rack Units (#51)
  • Restrict API Tokens by Client IP (#8233)
  • Reference User in Permission Constraints (#9074)
  • Custom Field Grouping (#8495)
  • Toggle Custom Field Visibility (#9166)

Check out the version 3.3 release notes for a complete accounting before upgrading.

Also of note, the project documentation has been completed overhauled for this release, and now includes an in-depth features overview, a handy “getting started” guide, and detailed data model documentation. Check it out now on ReadTheDocs!

And as always, a huge thank you to our community members who helped test out the beta releases. Your suggestions and bug reports have helped immensely as NetBox continues to grow and expand its feature set.

Now, onward to version 3.4!

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