Itential Webinar: Integrating NetBox as a Source of Truth for Network Automation

Itential has announced an upcoming webinar on Tuesday, August 30th at 12pm EDT (4pm UTC). Along with our own Jordan Villarreal, Technical Advocate for NetBox at NS1, they’ll showcase integration with the NetBox API and the creation of automated workflows to facilitate the trasnfer of data between NetBox and other systems.

By coupling Data Transformations along with API integration, Itential can help network teams build a bridge that translates data between multiple IT systems, like NetBox and ServiceNow, inside a network automation. These features will enable the network team to spend less time manually accessing data from different applications and reduce the potential of inputting bad data due to human error.

Specfically, they’ll be building a data transformation to synchronize data between NetBox and ServiceNow, a hugely popular topic in the community.

In this demo, you will learn to:

  • Understand the NetBox API structure.
  • Build an Itential automation workflow to utilize NetBox API calls.
  • Automate IP address reservation, queries, and updates.
  • Build a Data Transformation between NetBox and ServiceNow.

Sign up here for the invitation (registration is free). You can also check out their other presentations on BrightTALK to learn more about Itential.

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