Integrating NetBox With Cisco Catalyst Center and Ansible

In this blog post I will demonstrate a simple NetBox integration that enables Ansible to automate devices managed by a Cisco Catalyst Center Controller. The solution covered here could easily be adapted to work with other controller based networks, such as Meraki and ACI.

Use Case

  • Multiple Cisco Catalyst Center controllers managing devices in different regions
  • You need to run automation tools targeting devices regardless of which CCC controller they are managed by.

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NetBox, Cisco Catalyst Center and Ansible Integration Overview

The four main elements of the integration are as follows:

1 – NetBox Custom Fields

The NetBox data model is extended by adding two Custom Fields to the devices model. Custom Field 1 is called cisco_catalyst_center, and is a Selection type field that maps to the hostname of the Cisco Catalyst Center controller:

The Custom Field makes use of a Choice Set called Cisco Catalyst Center Hosts which is a drop-down menu of available Cisco Catalyst Center hosts:

Custom Field 2 is called ccc_device_id, and is a Text type field that maps to the device UUID in the Cisco Catalyst Center controller:

2 – Devices Created in NetBox

Devices managed by the Cisco Catalyst Center are manually added to NetBox and the device data includes the custom field values for  cisco_catalyst_center and ccc_device_id:

3 – NetBox Dynamic Inventory for Ansible

The NetBox Inventory Plugin for Ansible is used to dynamically generate the inventory from NetBox to be used in the Ansible playbook:

# ansible.cfg

inventory = ./netbox_inv.yml
# netbox_inv.yml

plugin: netbox.netbox.nb_inventory
validate_certs: False
 - device_roles
 - sites
4 – Ansible Playbooks

The Ansible playbooks target hosts based on the device_roles as defined in NetBox and pulled from the dynamic inventory. They contain a set_facts task to map the values of the ccc_device_id and cisco_catalyst_center custom fields to the devices, so they can be used in later tasks per inventory device:

- name: Get Device Details From Cisco Catalyst Center
  hosts: device_roles_distribution, device_roles_access
    - name: Set Custom Fields as Facts for Cisco Catalyst Center host and Device UUID
        cisco_catalyst_center: "{{ hostvars[inventory_hostname].custom_fields['cisco_catalyst_center'] }}"
        ccc_device_id: "{{ hostvars[inventory_hostname].custom_fields['ccc_device_id'] }}"
- name: Get Device Details
    url: "https://{{ cisco_catalyst_center }}/dna/intent/api/v1/network-device/{{ ccc_device_id }}"
    method: GET
    return_content: yes
    validate_certs: no
      Content-Type: "application/json"
      x-auth-token: "{{ login_response.json['Token'] }}"
  register: device_details
  delegate_to: localhost

Wrap Up

So, I hope that this has been a useful overview of how to build a simple NetBox integration that enables Ansible to automate devices managed by a Cisco Catalyst Center Controller. If you’d like try this yourself then you can find full instructions and all the code in the accompanying Git Repository.

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Session Type: Cisco U.
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