Announcing the NetBox Labs Series A and Our Plans to Upend Network Management and Automation Forever

Today at NetBox Labs we’re announcing our $20 million Series A funding, with participation from an array of world-class commercial open source investors. We’re adding David Aronoff of Flybridge, Raj Dutt of Grafana Labs, and Glenn Solomon of GGV Capital to our board.

To cut to the chase: NetBox Labs is going to transform networking, full stop.

Every networking team in the world is in a crunch because of the increasingly dynamic, distributed networks they’re managing; the critical role their networks play in every facet of work and life; and the massive explosion of mobility and connected devices. Network automation is no longer a nice idea – it’s a mandatory component of every networking team’s strategy.

That’s where NetBox Labs comes in. Our mission is to make it easier to build and manage complex networks, and we will start by ensuring NetBox’s network source of truth is the most important tool in every networker’s stack — where network professionals go to get work done and the heart of every modern network management and automation architecture.

With today’s capital infusion, we’ll scale the development and delivery of both open source NetBox and NetBox Cloud, our enterprise-grade managed NetBox offering. And as we cross today’s milestone, we’re deeply thankful for the dozens of early NetBox Cloud customers like Dartmouth College, Constant Contact, Chewy, and so many more for their partnership and belief in us early on!

Try NetBox Cloud for yourself here:

Why NetBox?

Open source NetBox is the dominant network source of truth on the market today — the system of record for networking teams to track and manage every device, every IP address, every resource on the network. I first began hearing about NetBox from (then) NS1 customers just a few years ago. NetBox began to pop up in almost every NS1 customer’s network, and the more I learned, the more I knew I had to listen to the networking pros and community members falling in love with NetBox’s powerful UIs, extensible network modeling, and comprehensive APIs.

Today, open source NetBox has more than 12,000 GitHub stars, tens of thousands of enterprise installs, and hundreds of vendor and technology integrations. Its active, growing community on Slack, GitHub, and Twitter shares best practices, assists with questions, and contributes to a massive array of features and plugins. At NetBox Labs, we are committed to fostering the NetBox community, helping it thrive, and unlocking the power of NetBox for every networking team on the planet.

We hear every day from networking teams using NetBox who are devoting time and energy to deploying and managing open source NetBox because it’s such a critical component to their operations. Networking professionals’ time is best spent architecting networks, not managing tools. NetBox Cloud does that for them, ensuring NetBox is always online, always secure, fully supported and managed, and offering all the benefits of a customized NetBox installation with none of the headaches.

With this new funding for NetBox Labs, you can expect new features and capabilities that make it easier than ever to use NetBox within common network automation workflows. We will share more tools and resources to streamline getting started with NetBox and use a megaphone to highlight the shared best practices and contributions of NetBox’s global, growing community.

We’ve assembled an incredible team for NetBox Labs including leaders who brought NS1 from inception through its successful acquisition by IBM; startup and scale-up pros from some of the best known brands in enterprise infrastructure and open source leaders; and of course the NetBox project’s founder and lead maintainer Jeremy Stretch. And we’ll be guided by the insights and learnings of some of the earliest investors in today’s best open source companies, like MongoDB, Grafana Labs, HashiCorp, and more.

Watch us go.

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