Announcing the NetBox Cloud Free Plan: Getting Started with NetBox is Now Easier Than Ever

NetBox Labs Eliminates Barriers to Network Automation with Production Grade NetBox Cloud for Free, Including Generous Features and Usage, Available Today

Our mission at NetBox Labs is to make it easier to build and manage complex networks.  Today, we’re taking an enormous leap forward in fulfilling that mission by making NetBox Cloud free for every engineer and team to use. The NetBox Cloud free plan eliminates a big constraint that many networking teams are ill equipped to overcome: deploying, configuring, securing, and operating open source NetBox. 

Now, teams can get started with NetBox with just a few clicks. Better yet, they can unlock NetBox Cloud’s enterprise-grade reliability and security, while remaining focused on their core goals and skill sets: architecting, building, and operating networks.

Accelerate Network Automation Without Operational Distractions

NetBox is the world’s most popular network source of truth, and it’s a central component of modern network management and automation architectures. NetBox’s comprehensive and cohesive network data model and its massive integration and extension ecosystem help networking teams streamline their operations, eliminate misconfigurations and other failures, and accelerate the path to network automation. NetBox seamlessly enables open, composable automation stacks aligned with the unique needs of any network.

There is one challenge that’s held some teams back from unlocking the value of NetBox: deploying and operating software like NetBox reliably and securely isn’t aligned with the core competencies of most networking teams. NetBox Labs hears from networking teams daily that the operational burden of getting up and running with NetBox has kept them from starting their journeys. That’s why we’re unveiling the NetBox Cloud free plan today: we want to help teams get started with NetBox without having to worry about commercial or operational barriers.

Not a Toy: The NetBox Cloud Free Plan is Ready for Production Use

The NetBox Cloud free plan isn’t a trial. It’s yours to use on an ongoing basis, and it’s actually useful. You’ll have access to generous resources suitable for small production networks, lab environments, and targeted use cases. With the free plan, you can manage hundreds of network devices and IP addresses, tie in automations with access to NetBox’s comprehensive APIs, take advantage of features only available in NetBox Cloud, and never worry again about uptime, upgrades, or the security of your data.

If you’re struggling with spreadsheets to manage your IPAM, DCIM, circuits, or other network resources, our free NetBox Cloud plan is probably powerful enough for you to break free of spreadsheet hell and start your path to modernization and automation. We’ve heard many times from teams that want to stop emailing around circuits.xlsx and start managing their resources cohesively with a true “multi-player” purpose-built network source of truth. We get it: downloading, deploying, upgrading, and securing NetBox’s open source distribution with its frequent updates and mature architecture is too much of a burden for all but the most sophisticated and well resourced networking teams. No more.

The NetBox Cloud free plan begins with a two week limit. To keep your free NetBox Cloud instance running, you’ll need to provide a credit card to help us prevent abuse. But don’t worry – we’re committed to No Surprise Billing: we’ll never charge you unexpectedly. If you need more resources on an ongoing basis than the NetBox Cloud free plan includes, you can scale up with pay-as-you-go pricing, or you can lock in more resources, commercial support, and advanced features any time with whatever NetBox Cloud paid plan is best for you.

NetBox Labs Is Community First, Always

At NetBox Labs, we keep our community first – it’s a core value of the company. And we want to make it easier for network practitioners to join the NetBox community, learn from each other, contribute, and accelerate the industry’s adoption of modern network automation architectures. The free NetBox Cloud plan is yet another community-first step in the right direction that makes NetBox even more accessible to every networking team. The NetBox Labs team has put genuine innovation into enabling the free plan scalably, reliably, and sustainably. And easier NetBox adoption means more learnings, more impact, and ultimately more investment in NetBox – from NetBox Labs, from our ever-growing partner ecosystem, and from companies that grow their NetBox usage and adoption into contribution. We’re playing a long game at NetBox Labs, and it all starts with growing and enabling our incredible community.

Sign Up For Free NetBox Cloud Today

Now, there’s nothing between you and getting started with NetBox. We can’t wait to see what you do.
The free NetBox Cloud free plan is available today. You can sign up for your free account now, in just a few clicks, and your instance will be provisioned instantly. Get started today!

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