Announcing the $100K NetBox Community Fund

When NetBox Labs announced its Series A funding round, I discussed our commitment to fostering the NetBox community and helping this incredible ecosystem thrive. Since then, we have hosted monthly, live NetBox community calls that regularly see hundreds of signups with impressive live demos and lively discussions. The NetBox community newsletter is read by hundreds of NetBox users. We continue to regularly publish popular new “how-to” guides around common NetBox questions. We launched the NetBox Heroes podcast featuring practitioners from the community to share learnings and stories and bring our community closer together.  And we’re gearing up for the first ever NetDevOps Days live conference, later this month, to bring the network automation practitioner community together in person. And that’s all within the first couple months since our funding announcement.

Now, it’s time to take it up a notch! Today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the NetBox Community Fund.  We’re investing directly in the NetBox open source community to deepen NetBox’s position at the heart of modern network management and automation.

The NetBox Community Fund is a dedicated $100,000 pool of funding committed by NetBox Labs to reward networking professionals who bring innovative features, plugins, and educational resources to the NetBox community. Our goal with the Community Fund is to encourage collaboration among partners and community members and raise the stakes for what it means to contribute to NetBox.

Every day, the NetBox Labs team hears about innovative new NetBox functionality, plugins, integrations, documentation, content, and other valuable contributions created by community members. We are excited to help amplify these contributions, and the voices of those individuals working every day to tackle networking challenges and provide powerful solutions to their community peers. The power of NetBox begins with its community, and the NetBox Community Fund is dedicated to recognizing all the ways the community contributes to NetBox’s success.

The NetBox Community Fund will be the financing vehicle for a number of exciting programs.  You can expect to hear details in the next few weeks about our first Community Fund Programs, and eligibility to participate (hint – the Community Fund will reward individual practitioners, not companies)

I and the rest of the NetBox Labs team are fully committed to the success of the NetBox community.  The NetBox Community Fund is yet another way we’re demonstrating that commitment, and we’ll continue to look for more ways to amplify and enable the incredible work of NetBox’s contributors.  I’m excited to share more details soon!  Meanwhile – stay tuned to this space by subscribing here.

Have questions about the NetBox Community Fund? Want to share ideas on what projects you’ve seen successful in other open source communities? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter with #NetBox or in the NetDev Slack!

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