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Wireless LANs

A wireless LAN is a set of interfaces connected via a common wireless channel, identified by its SSID and authentication parameters. Wireless interfaces can be associated with wireless LANs to model multi-acess wireless segments.



The service set identifier (SSID) for the wireless network.


The wireless LAN group to which this wireless LAN is assigned (if any).


The operational status of the wireless network.


Additional statuses may be defined by setting WirelessLAN.status under the FIELD_CHOICES configuration parameter.


Each wireless LAN can optionally be mapped to a VLAN, to model a bridge between wired and wireless segments.

Authentication Type

The type of wireless authentication in use. Options include:

  • Open
  • WEP
  • WPA Personal (PSK)
  • WPA Enterprise

Authentication Cipher

The security cipher used to apply wireless authentication. Options include:

  • Auto (automatic)
  • TKIP
  • AES

Pre-Shared Key

The security key configured on each client to grant access to the secured wireless LAN. This applies only to certain authentication types.