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IP Ranges

This model represents an arbitrary range of individual IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, inclusive of its starting and ending addresses. For instance, the range to has eleven members. (The total member count is available as the size property on an IPRange instance.) Like prefixes and IP addresses, each IP range may optionally be assigned to a VRF.



The Virtual Routing and Forwarding instance in which this IP range exists.


VRF assignment is optional. IP ranges with no VRF assigned are considered to exist in the "global" table.

Start & End Address

The beginning and ending IP addresses (inclusive) which define the boundaries of the range. Both IP addresses must specify the correct mask.


The maximum supported size of an IP range is 2^32 - 1.


The user-defined functional role assigned to the IP range.


The IP range's operational status. Note that the status of a range does not have any impact on its member IP addresses, which may have their statuses defined independently.


Additional statuses may be defined by setting IPRange.status under the FIELD_CHOICES configuration parameter.

Mark Utilized

If enabled, the IP range will be considered 100% utilized regardless of how many IP addresses are defined within it. This is useful for documenting DHCP ranges, for example.