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FHRP Group

A first-hop redundancy protocol (FHRP) enables multiple physical interfaces to present a virtual IP address (VIP) in a redundant manner. Examples of such protocols include:

When creating a new FHRP group, the user may optionally create a VIP as well. This IP address will be automatically assigned to the new group. (Virtual IP addresses can also be assigned after the group has been created.)



The wire protocol employed by cooperating servers to maintain the virtual IP address(es) for the group.

Group ID

The group's numeric identifier.


An optional name for the FHRP group.

Authentication Type

The type of authentication employed by group nodes, if any.

Authentication Key

The shared key used for group authentication, if any.


The authentication key value is stored in plaintext in NetBox's database. Do not utilize this field if you require encryption at rest for shared keys.