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Configuration Contexts

Context data is made available to devices and/or virtual machines based on their relationships to other objects in NetBox. For example, context data can be associated only with devices assigned to a particular site, or only to virtual machines in a certain cluster.

See the context data documentation for more information.



A unique human-friendly name.


A numeric value which influences the order in which context data is merged. Contexts with a lower weight are merged before those with a higher weight.


The context data expressed in JSON format.

Data File

Config context data may optionally be sourced from a remote data file, which is synchronized from a remote data source. When designating a data file, there is no need to specify local data for the config context: It will be populated automatically from the data file.

Is Active

If not selected, this config context will be excluded from rendering. This can be convenient to temporarily disable a config context.

Object Assignment

Each configuration context may be assigned with any number of objects of the supported types. If no related objects are selected, it will be considered a "global" config context and apply to all devices and virtual machines.