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Front Ports

Front ports are pass-through ports which represent physical cable connections that comprise part of a longer path. For example, the ports on the front face of a UTP patch panel would be modeled in NetBox as front ports. Each port is assigned a physical type, and must be mapped to a specific rear port on the same device. A single rear port may be mapped to multiple front ports, using numeric positions to annotate the specific alignment of each.


Like most device components, front ports are instantiated automatically from front port templates assigned to the selected device type when a device is created.



The device to which this port belongs.


The installed module within the assigned device to which this port belongs (optional).


The port's name. Must be unique to the parent device.


An alternative physical label identifying the port.


The port's termination type.

Rear Ports

The rear port and position to which this front port maps.


When creating multiple front ports using a patterned name (e.g. Port [1-12]), you may select the equivalent number of rear port-position mappings from the list.


The port's color (optional).

Mark Connected

If selected, this component will be treated as if a cable has been connected.