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Data Files

A data file object is the representation in NetBox's database of some file belonging to a remote data source. Data files are synchronized automatically, and cannot be modified locally (although they can be deleted).



The data source to which this file belongs.


The path to the file, relative to its source's URL. For example, a file at /opt/config-data/routing/bgp/peer.yaml with a source URL of file:///opt/config-data/ would have its path set to routing/bgp/peer.yaml.

Last Updated

The date and time at which the file most recently updated from its source. Note that this attribute is updated only when the file's contents have been modified. Re-synchronizing the data source will not update this timestamp if the upstream file's data has not changed.


The file's size, in bytes.


A SHA256 hash of the file's data. This can be compared to a hash taken from the original file to determine whether any changes have been made.