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Error Reporting Settings


Default: None

Defines a Sentry data source name (DSN) for automated error reporting. SENTRY_ENABLED must be True for this parameter to take effect. For example:



Default: False

Set to True to enable automatic error reporting via Sentry.


The sentry-sdk Python package is required to enable Sentry integration.


Default: 1.0 (all)

The sampling rate for errors. Must be a value between 0 (disabled) and 1.0 (report on all errors).


Default: False

Maps to the Sentry SDK's send_default_pii parameter. If enabled, certain personally identifiable information (PII) is added.

Sensitive data

If you enable this option, be aware that sensitive data such as cookies and authentication tokens will be logged.


An optional dictionary of tag names and values to apply to Sentry error reports.For example:

    "": "123",
    "": "abc",

Reserved tag prefixes

Avoid using any tag names which begin with netbox., as this prefix is reserved by the NetBox application.


Default: 0 (disabled)

The sampling rate for transactions. Must be a value between 0 (disabled) and 1.0 (report on all transactions).

Consider performance implications

A high sampling rate for transactions can induce significant performance penalties. If transaction reporting is desired, it is recommended to use a relatively low sample rate of 10% to 20% (0.1 to 0.2).