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This guide explains how to configure single sign-on (SSO) support for NetBox using Okta as an authentication backend.

Okta Configuration

Okta developer account

Okta offers free developer accounts at

1. Create a test user (optional)

Create a new user in the Okta admin portal to be used for testing. You can skip this step if you already have a suitable account created.

2. Create an app registration

Within the Okta administration dashboard, navigate to Applications > Applications, and click the "Create App Integration" button. Select "OIDC" as the sign-in method, and "Web application" for the application type.

Create an app registration

On the next page, give the app integration a name (e.g. "NetBox") and specify the sign-in and sign-out URIs. These URIs should follow the formats below:

  • Sign-in URI: https://{netbox}/oauth/complete/okta-openidconnect/
  • Sign-out URI: https://{netbox}/oauth/disconnect/okta-openidconnect/

Web app integration

Under "Assignments," select the controlled access setting most appropriate for your organization. Click "Save" to complete the creation.

Once finished, note the following parameters. These will be used to configured NetBox.

  • Client ID
  • Client secret
  • Okta domain

Okta integration parameters

NetBox Configuration

1. Enter configuration parameters

Enter the following configuration parameters in, substituting your own values:

REMOTE_AUTH_BACKEND = 'social_core.backends.okta_openidconnect.OktaOpenIdConnect'
SOCIAL_AUTH_OKTA_OPENIDCONNECT_API_URL = 'https://{Okta domain}/oauth2/'

2. Restart NetBox

Restart the NetBox services so that the new configuration takes effect. This is typically done with the command below:

sudo systemctl restart netbox


Log out of NetBox if already authenticated, and click the "Log In" button at top right. You should see the normal login form as well as an option to authenticate using Okta. Click that link.

NetBox Okta login form

You should be redirected to Okta's authentication portal. Enter the username/email and password of your test account to continue. You may also be prompted to grant this application access to your account.

Okta login portal

If successful, you will be redirected back to the NetBox UI, and will be logged in as the Okta user. You can verify this by navigating to your profile (using the button at top right).

This user account has been replicated locally to NetBox, and can now be assigned groups and permissions.