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NetBox Cloud Pricing Plans and FAQ

Choose the commercial plan that’s right for you


$5,500 / Annual

Ideal for small projects and teams without critical performance SLAs.

Includes all the power of NetBox, the Premiere Network Source of Truth along with API access powered by the NetBox Cloud platform to enable light Network Automation loads.


  • Network Source of Truth
  • Cloud Hosted
  • API Access
  • Single Dedicated Instance
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Single Sign-On (Azure & Okta)
  • Support (48 hour response)


$20,000 / Annual

For companies who require network automation. Ideal for small networking teams.

Drive your Network Automation and Network Monitoring through NetBox, safe in the knowledge that the NetBox Cloud platform will scale API performance and availability to meet the demands of your workloads.


  • Network Source of Truth
  • Cloud Hosted
  • API Access
  • Dual Instances for HA and increased performance
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Single Sign-On (Azure & Okta)
  • Deployment Regions (US & EU)
  • Support (24 hour response)

A la carte Upgrades available (see below)


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Ideal for networking teams with complex critical infrastructure needs and strict compliance requirements.

Create a Network Source of Truth for your enterprise network, with the scalability and performance you want and the security integrations you need.


  • Network Source of Truth
  • Cloud Hosted
  • API Access
  • Dual Instances for HA and increased performance
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Single Sign-On (Azure & Okta)
  • Deployment Regions (US & EU)
  • Support (24 hour response)

All upgrades included

  • Configurable SSO including additional providers and SAML
  • Enhanced Support including customizable SLAs and real-time chat
  • Test Environments
  • Cross-region Failover
  • Custom Back-up
  • Performance Tuning
  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Connectivity including IP Allow Lists, VPNs & AWS PrivateLink
  • Global Deployment Regions

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Looking for NetBox, the open-source project available on-premises? Get started today.

Enterprise Features

Add these Enterprise features a la carte to your Standard subscription.

Update Windows

Don’t want to move to the latest and greatest just as soon as it comes out? Update Windows let you upgrade on your schedule.

SAML/Configurable SSO

Using a specialized SSO provider or need to configure a custom SSO setup? Configurable SSO let’s you custom configure your SSO so it’s just right.

Custom Connectivity

Many companies need to connect to SaaS applications over a secure connection. Private API Access lets you do just that.

Cross-Region Failover

Can’t afford any Network Automation downtime? Do you require specific region affinity for data regulations or performance? Set up custom Cross Region Failover to ensure NetBox Cloud is always available – no matter what happens.

Flexible Backup Options

Need to know that your NetBox Cloud instance is backed up at specific times or at a custom frequency? Work with the NetBox Cloud team to tailor your backups to your compliance and risk management needs.

Custom Domains

If you have highly structured internal domain requirements or extensive zero-trust architectures and require custom, fully qualified domain names with hosted certificates, NetBox Cloud can fit within your topology.

Global Deployment Regions

If you have specific data locality or latency requirements for your NetBox Cloud instance, you can choose a Global Deployment Region of your choice.

Enhanced Support

Need the ability to speak to someone about your NetBox Cloud instance immediately? Enhanced Support provides options like Key Account Managers and dedicated Slack channels.

Performance Tuning

Need to hit a specific SLA for your Network Automation integrations? Work with the team to tune your NetBox Cloud instance to your specific needs.

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NetBox Cloud FAQ

Can I cancel my account?2023-07-06T21:19:49-04:00

Our annual billing plans are paid for upfront and require a commitment for a full year of NetBox Cloud (who wouldn’t want that!).Please contact us if you are unhappy with your service.

Do you have discounts for qualified startups and nonprofits?2023-07-06T21:19:27-04:00

We’re really passionate about helping anyone who needs NetBox get started on their Network Automation journey. If you are a small startup or a nonprofit, we’d love to talk to you about what you need!

Do you have a referral program?2023-07-06T21:19:10-04:00

Do you have friends who would just love to have NetBox Cloud? Send them our way and reap the rewards! Give us a shout to learn more about referring others to NetBox Cloud.

How does NetBox Cloud pricing compare to other Network Source of Truth offerings?2023-07-06T21:17:11-04:00

NetBox Cloud is competitively priced and is a lot less expensive than doing it yourself.

Do you have a trial for NetBox Cloud?2023-07-06T21:16:54-04:00

We sure do! Come give NetBox Cloud a try and see how easy it can be to add a Network Source of Truth to you Network Automation efforts.

Is NetBox Cloud free to use?2023-07-06T21:16:31-04:00

NetBox is an Open Source product and free to use On-Premises through the NetBox Open Source Community. You can learn more about NetBox here.

NetBox Cloud is a managed solution where NetBox is hosted by NetBox Labs on your behalf. This can substantially reduce the time, energy, money, and resources needed to scale and maintain your NetBox instances. NetBox Cloud is not available for free… but we do have a really nifty free trial! Get in touch!

Is NetBox Cloud as reliable and secure as doing this myself, on-premises?2023-07-25T15:43:31-04:00

It’s even more reliable and secure! You get access to the newest version of NetBox each release cycle. Upgrading is as easy as a push of a button when you’re ready. Our team ensures NetBox is deployed and configured per best practices, and we are watching to make sure that your NetBox Cloud instance is performing at its best. We’ll work through the night so you can get your beauty rest.

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