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Error Reporting Settings


Default: None

Defines a Sentry data source name (DSN) for automated error reporting. SENTRY_ENABLED must be True for this parameter to take effect. For example:



Default: False

Set to True to enable automatic error reporting via Sentry.


The sentry-sdk Python package is required to enable Sentry integration.


Default: 1.0 (all)

The sampling rate for errors. Must be a value between 0 (disabled) and 1.0 (report on all errors).


An optional dictionary of tag names and values to apply to Sentry error reports.For example:

    "": "123",
    "": "abc",

Reserved tag prefixes

Avoid using any tag names which begin with netbox., as this prefix is reserved by the NetBox application.


Default: 0 (disabled)

The sampling rate for transactions. Must be a value between 0 (disabled) and 1.0 (report on all transactions).

Consider performance implications

A high sampling rate for transactions can induce significant performance penalties. If transaction reporting is desired, it is recommended to use a relatively low sample rate of 10% to 20% (0.1 to 0.2).