Welcoming Jeff Gehlbach as the New Product Manager for Open Source NetBox

Our NetBox Labs team continues to grow quickly, nearly doubling in size since we spun out of NS1 earlier this year, with incredible new additions across all our teams, especially on the product and engineering fronts. Today, I’m thrilled to share that Jeff Gehlbach has joined NetBox Labs as the new product manager for open source NetBox.


With Jeff’s hire, NetBox Labs continues to deepen our commitment to open source NetBox and the thriving NetBox community.  NetBox Labs is the commercial sponsor of NetBox, and key to our mission is creating a virtuous circle of reinvestment into the open source project to achieve sustainability and scale.  NetBox is a hyper active open source project, with a rapidly growing set of contributors and users who are engaging with the project constantly in myriad ways, from building new features and plugins, to filing bug reports, to answering questions from new users.  Jeff will help meet the needs of NetBox’s contributors and users, and he’ll work closely with Jeremy, Arthur, and the other NetBox maintainers to steer the direction of the project as NetBox and network source of truth become increasingly critical components of modern network automation architectures.

Jeff is uniquely qualified to step in and have a big impact fast for NetBox.  He was most recently the product manager for OpenNMS Horizon, an open source network observability product, and he’s been a network engineer, developer, and everything in between – which gives him a perspective uniquely suited to NetBox and its practitioner community.

You can find Jeff in the NetDev Slack, in GitHub discussions, and everywhere else the NetBox community converges – so please say hi and welcome him to the team!  Here’s a quick video hello from Jeff to the NetBox community:


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